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Holy Doodle, we are havin’ a baby! September 18, 2005

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Well, we are officially having a little Baby Brian or Baby Devynn….but for now, the baby is called “Peanut”. Why you ask? We don’t know. It has stuck, and that’s the name. It isn’t even the size of a peanut yet!

I just wanted a place to write my feelings for the baby and to let Peanut know what I am feeling and thinking during these first few months.


Well, Peanut,

We are excited…we found out yesterday, September 16th, 2005, that we were expecting you. We are really happy to be adding you to the family. You are due on May 10th, 2006. I went to the doctor this morning, and she told me for sure that you really are inside of me! Daddy was in shock yesterday when I told him that you were on the way. He didn’t believe me at first, I don’t think. But he is excited now. Last night he said goodnight to you in my tummy for the first time, and I thought it was so cute! He likes to talk to you, even though you are the size of a grain of rice right now. You are six weeks old right now (so the doctor said). We are excited to meet you. Mommy and Daddy are still very much in shock that we are adding you to our family.


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