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The shock is setting in. September 19, 2005

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Well, Brian and I have finally come to the realization that THIS IS REAL! We are really going to be parents. By my next birthday, I will be a mommy! We are very excited. On Saturday Brian came home with a dozen white/pink roses and a stuffed Elephant(we are calling him Peanut) and a beautiful card! I am putting a picture in below.

Well, Peanut,
We are soooooo excited to meet you. Daddy is getting really excited about being a Daddy. He likes to talk about how much fun playing with you will be and holding you. We are excited that you are going to come into this world right around Mommy’s birthday! What a great birthday present! You will have your very own room in our new house. We are going to make it a Noah’s Ark room and there will be lots of fun animals for you to play with.


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