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It is ultrasound time… September 23, 2005

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Well, we went to our family doctor yesterday and he gave me his doctorly advice and told me what to expect within the next few weeks. He wants to see me at 12 weeks to see how it is all going, then he will hand me over to a family clinic with all female doctors that deliver. I asked the doctor yesterday if he delivers, and his response was “Well, I can if you go into labour right here, but I don’t generally.” Ha ha ha ha!

He also wants to get me in for an ultrasound this week, or next, to make a more definite due date. He said probably May 6th, and the other doctor said May 10th, so either way, we figure it will be an almost birthday baby for me!


Peanut, you are eight weeks old. Mommy is starting to feel a bit more sick once in a while, but I still feel really good overall. I am VERY tired, and I have to take catnaps throughout the day, but I haven’t been really very sick. All of your aunts and uncles and grandparents know that we are expecting you now, and they are all VERY excited! You will be grandbaby number 14 on mommy’s side of the family, and grandbaby number 3 on daddy’s side of the family. You will have a LOT of cousins to play with. In fact, you have a cousin that will just be a few months older than you to play with! Keep on growing!


2 Responses to “It is ultrasound time…”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    This is SO exciting and what better way to keep the memories of what you’re going through than a blog! I’m so happy for you guys!

  2. Devynn Says:

    Thanks, Jen!
    With so much family not close to us, we figured it would be a good way to share the experience with them, and friends.

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