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I may be hormonal, sleep deprived or…maybe I’m right…. September 26, 2005

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I’m starting to get a little emotional over this whole baby thing! I am starting think of the blessings that will be ours with our new little one. I am thinking more and more about the statement that one day only LDS women will WANT to be mothers. That’s crazy! I am barely into this whole pregnancy thing and I can’t think of a better experience. With women being naturally compassionate, it would only seem to me that women would crave to have children, someone to care for.
Now, I know, that those of you with kids are going to think I may be crazy right now and hormonal and a little dillusiounal, but seriously, I’m sure there are moments in your life that you would never take back, and having your children is one of them. We are to raise the next generation, and it seems that this old world really needs strong leaders and a strong society.

In a Relief Society lesson earlier this year, a girlfriend of mine was teaching the lesson, and her husband had recently left her after 12 years of marriage and three handsome sons. Her lesson was on raising a family unto the Lord, or something like that. She said in her lesson something that a lot of my friends and I have talked about in the past, the fact that raising kids in today’s society is SCARY. They are going to face a lot more things at younger ages than we ever did. My friend, while giving the lesson, was in tears about this, she really was scared about it. And one of the sisters, bless her heart, said to us “Now, I want all of you young ones with and without kids to hear this. Being scared to raise kids in this world is Satan’s tool. Don’t let him get to you.” She was the mother of teenagers at the time, and she couldn’t have been more right. Satan wants me to be scared. He wants me to spend time being scared instead of looking forward to the good times with my kids and the growing times with my kids, and also to be scared of what is going on in society, instead of arming myself with tools to teach my children how to avoid these evils in society.
Anyway, these are just the mindless wanderings of a hormonal mom to be.

News on the baby front — my first ultrasounds is Thursday at 1! We will find out a more definite due date at that time. I am still feeling really good, just getting a lot more tired every week.

You seem to be our favourite topic of discussion right now! We just talk about you all the time! We look forward very much to meet you. Your grandparents are very excited to meeting you too, as well as all of your aunts and uncles and cousins. You are coming into this world into a large extended family — you are so lucky! Happy growing!


One Response to “I may be hormonal, sleep deprived or…maybe I’m right….”

  1. Janet Says:

    I remember that lesson very distinctly. (It was actually given when we were there). And that lady is absolutely right. I just cannot help being scared. It jsut frightens me so much not matter what. Hmmm I hope that the 2nd coming comes before I have kids. Maybe that would help me a lil’ bit. lol

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