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MAJOR food aversion… October 14, 2005

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Don’t even think about bringing any eggs or egg-related foods near me — yech! I can’t even stand the thought of eating eggs right now. I tried to eat some last week and I was sick the rest of the day. I still haven’t actually thrown up — woo hoo! (Thanks, Peanut!) and I am glad about that. I have a little more energy than I did a few weeks ago, which is nice, I’m starting to feel a bit more normal!

I am around 9 weeks right now.

You are about 1 and-a-half inches right now 🙂 I think you went through a growth spurt the other day, or some major changes were happening, because mommy was very uncomfortable for a few days and I just couldn’t seem to find a comfortable position. I am telling my aunts and cousins on my mom’s side about you tonight! I’m very excited to break the news to them! Happy growing!


One Response to “MAJOR food aversion…”

  1. Laura Says:

    Hmmm – food aversions – for me during various pregnancies it was the sight or smell of raw hamburger, fruity things early in the day, and these sweet and sour chicken wing things we had – even after years (it’s been 10) I still can’t eat those chicken things!!
    As for cravings – strawberry licorice, grapefruit (and I don’t even like grapefruit), steak and gummy bears.
    Happy pregnancy – isn’t it great to know that each pregnancy will be a new adventure??

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