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No more spicy foods…:( October 19, 2005

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No more spicey foods for me. I was most uncomfortable ALLLL night last night from about 5:30 to 10:30 and then I finally fell asleep. I love spicy foods. And I didn’t think that my chicken stirfry was all that spicy, but it must have been, because I didn’t feel good at all.

Everything on the baby front is going well. I don’t feel as nauseous anymore and I just feel “normal.” I’m working out at least twice a week right now, but I want to do more without overdoing it.

I think the initial shock of becoming parents has hit us, but I’m sure once I start showing, things will seem more real again.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon, I will keep you posted!


One Response to “No more spicy foods…:(”

  1. Laura Says:

    Hey, Dev –
    I rode my bike almost everyday when I was pregnant with Reagan. It was my best pregnancy ever and I’m sure it was in great part due to my level of increased activity – so keep it up!!

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