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Ultrasounds and flying… January 10, 2006

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The ultrasound was soooooooo fun — okay, not the drinking 40 ounces of water an hour before and then waddling to the ultrasound clinic, not because of the baby, but I’m afraid if I don’t waddle I will pee myself, and not the pushing on my bladder with the super warm ultrasound jelly — but seeing the baby was amazing. I almost cried.

We got some GREAT shots of the baby’s head and hands and arm. We have a great profile shot of the baby — so cute! The ultrasound tech said that we could find out what the baby was, if we wanted, because he/she wasn’t being shy at all, but I didn’t want to know and Brian did, but we didn’t find out — ha! I won that one! From what I saw in the ultrasound, it doesn’t look like a boy, and I thought it was a girl before that anyway, but only time will tell — and a painful delivery LOL.

It was amazing to see the baby moving inside of me.

The ultrasound tech also thinks that the due date might be off, but she couldn’t confirm it. She just thought the measurements of the baby were too big to be due at the end of May, she said maybe the beginning of May. The doctor has to confirm what she thinks the due date is, and we meet with the delivering doctor for the first time on the 19th.

The baby did well on the flight to and from Miami, but had the hardest time on the flight from Denver to Miami. Peanut was awake almost the whole time, kicking really hard and moving around, which made it difficult for me to get comfortable.

In Miami, Peanut was really active; I hadn’t felt he/she move that much at all. At one point I felt a foot or something sticking out really far and I looked down and I could see something pushing right next to my belly button, Brian got to feel it and his sister. Every once in a while I feel the same thing.

Peanut did really well despite the stress of the flight home (or lack there of) — to find out more about that click here.


Peanut, mommy and daddy are sooooooooo excited now that it is getting closer to meeting you. Daddy wants you here right now so he can start daddyhood — mommy is okay with the baby/mommy bonding we are doing right now, and I’ll be fine for a few more months of kicks and growing out of my clothes.

Daddy felt you kick for the first time on Christmas day. You are really kicking a LOT now, and it is fun to feel, except when you kick really hard, that kinda hurts. I can’t wait to hold you! You are coming into a home with sooooo much love for you! Can’t wait to meet you!

Happy kicking!


One Response to “Ultrasounds and flying…”

  1. Alyson Says:

    when I had my ultrsound my babies were mesuring too small. She thought they were two weeks younger. I went over my due date with both boys.

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