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Peanut, you better listen to your mommy! January 24, 2006

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So, we have had an interesting last week. A week ago yesterday I was sitting in church and I wasn’t feeling very good. The room was really hot, and I was starting to feel like I might throw up. I made it through the meeting, found Brian, hauled him away, and we drove home. I was convulsing the whole way home, but had nothing to throw up. So we get home, and I’m trying to relax. I’m still feeling awful. It felt like I had big gas bubbles inside that wouldn’t go away. Anyway, I called my doctor’s office and talked to his nurse, she recommended that I call the health link, so I did. I explained to the RN what was going on, and right around then I had started timing these “gas” bubbles. Hm…every eight minutes…that’s interesting. So she suggests that I head to the emergency care clinic just to make sure everything is okay. By the time we get to the emergency care clinic, my “gas” bubbles are every five minutes apart. The nurse says we should just go right to Foothills Hospital labour and delivery ward, but I ask her to rush my into the doctor just to make sure it really isn’t gas. So they rush my into the doctor, and by this time, my “gas” bubbles are three minutes apart. Interesting…

So the doctor checks me out and says he is rushing me by ambulance to the Foothills Labour and Delivery in case Peanut decides to make an early entrance into the world. As it turns out, this first-time mom to be doesn’t know the difference between a contraction and a “gas bubble.”

So the doctor does some more testing and in the meantime, my contractions start to space out again (thank goodness.) So he tells Brian that Brian can drive me if we head over to the Foothills right away. By the time we get to the Foothills, my contractions have spaced out considerably.

They listen to the baby again, and the baby is fine. The doctor checks to see if I’m dialated, and I”m not THANK GOODNESS! So he sends me home and tells me if it happens again and there are a few more symptoms, then to come back.

Throughout all of this, I wasn’t really scared. I know that sounds weird, but I was abnormally calm. My though process was that there isn’t anything I can do anyway. If this baby is meant to come early, then so be it. I put my trust in the doctors.


Peanut, we really can wait to meet you know since we thought you might come early a few weeks ago. We are excited to meet you! You are kicking mommy a LOT, and she loves it! Daddy is sad because he’s only felt you kick one or two times, but I keep telling him you need to get bigger and then he’ll feel it.


One Response to “Peanut, you better listen to your mommy!”

  1. Laura Says:

    When I was pregnant with Eric I remember wondering how I would tell the difference between the contractions that come, but don’t do much and the real thing. LOL! There is a huge difference!

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