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Hiccup, hiccup, hiccup February 13, 2006

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The baby had the hiccups for the first time that I felt a few mornings ago at 5 a.m. It was hilarious. I loved it!

The baby is a kicker! Loves to play on my bladder, especially when it is full.

I am loving being pregnant! I love feeling the baby move. I’m really excited to be a mom. There are days where I am getting tired of carrying all this extra weight around (25 lbs.), and my back is REALLY starting to hurt, but despite that, I am sooooo excited!

So far the verdict by most is that we’re having a girl, which is what I’ve thought all along, but only time will tell (14 weeks or so). Brian and some friends of ours painted the nursery this weekend — I LOVE IT! It is soooooooo nice. We painted it a realllllly dark redish brown — it is called Chianti by Behr. It took them a coat of primer plus three coats of paint to get the colour right, but is is beautiful. Our trim throughout the house is white, and the crib and dresser are white, so it looks really nice! I know, I know it is isn’t the typical nursery pastels, but I’m just not typical. I wanted earth tones, but not brown or beige. And, since we didn’t know what we were having, it was hard to pick a colour. I wanted to do green, but then when I saw this colour, I had to have it!

Oh, and Brian and I set up the crib the other night too — wow….talk about this getting real! We are really excited!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Hiccup, hiccup, hiccup”

  1. White Shores Says:

    I like the sound of the colors! Besides, they say it is better for babies to have stark contrast for colors. Pastels are cutsie, but aren’t always the best to stimulate them.

  2. Emmakirst Says:

    I bet the room is wonderful. Congrats on setting up the crib, isn’t it amazing? Anyway, take care.

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