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Are you Baby Wise??? March 1, 2006

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Well, I am an avid reader, and with the pregnancy, I have had to be choosy what I read, since there are SOOOOO many conflicting opinions out there on everything!

Anyway, my sister, and two of my sisters-in-law recommended “On Becoming Baby Wise” by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam, M.D. Hubby is reading it too. We both really like pretty well all the principles in the book. It is mostly about how to get your baby on a schedule and sleeping through the night by 6-8 weeks. Now, I know that it won’t work for every baby, but in my already sleep-deprived state, I’m willing to give it a shot.

I just thought I would put it out there for all those new moms-to-be and moms a few times around — my sister and one of my sisters-in-law had a few kids before they read this book, and they said they saw a difference!

Happy blogging.

PS> Has anyone else had slight insomnia since/when they were pregnant????/


15 Responses to “Are you Baby Wise???”

  1. Chas Says:

    I have definitely not experienced any pregnancy induced insomnia, just the opposite actually.

    Thanks for the book tip :).

  2. Jennifer Says:

    What is the opposite of insomnia?

    That’s where I am, unless I take a nap during the day and then, for some reason, no matter how tired I am I find myself on the computer until forever o’clock.

  3. Emmakirst Says:

    Oh i definately got the insomnia, i’ll be online at like 2-3am. Not good. Then i’ll be all groggy and feeling cruddy. Hope i can sleep sometime soon. 🙂
    I’ll have to consider the book, thanks for the tip~!

  4. Hoping Says:

    I am sleeping a lot but I also wake in terror at night when I wake up on my back and not on my side where I am supposed to be! I read to much i know it.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Have you read “The Baby Whisper” by Tracy…. (I can’t remember her last name)? A family friend had twin boys and was going crazy in the first few months with them, She got this book and swears that it saved her life. ALthough I haven’t read it yet (I’m waiting for my own baby) I have given it to everyone that is expecting. They love it too!

  6. Devynn Says:

    Well, Hoping to Stay,
    My mom says that all of us new moms to be worry too much. They didn’t have doctors telling them all this stuff we hear about, i.e., not sleeping on our backs, and they slept on their backs and their babies and them were just fine, so I hope it doesn’t stress you out too much! I just try and think that women went SO many years not knowing this stuff, and the world was populated…so is it ALL that bad? I totally know what you mean, though, I wake up on my back and turn to my side just out of habit now.

  7. Laura Says:

    You think you are tired now, chick!! Ha! Ha! Just wait…
    After child number 3 I thought I would never get a full nights sleep again – but I eventually did – after 14 MONTHS!!!!
    And just when I thought I was back to normal sleep (didn’t sleep well for over a year after my car accident, either) some of my children became teenagers, so it’s back to getting by on whatever sleep I can get whenever I can get it!! LOL

  8. Devynn Says:

    Gee, thanks, sis. Yeah, mom told me that I will never have a full night’s sleep again, oh ,well, that’s my new life, I guess!

  9. Hoping Says:

    Hey there! I just got done reading through your early pregnancy entries. I am currently 9 weeks and really like to read how other women made it through their first trimester without going crazy! You are almost there!

  10. TulipGirl Says:

    We used Babywise. And regretted it. I recommend you do more research on infant sleep and development before implementing the BW ideas. They aren’t founded on solid information.

  11. Devynn Says:

    Please tell me what didn’t work for you and why. I am interested in your experience.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Take Baby Wise with grain of salt.
    I’m reading it now for the second time for baby #2. Our first slept for 8 hours/night at 6 weeks consistently.
    The idea of eat, play, sleep is what we have taken from the book and to this day with our 2 year old we do every day. “I” believe that you shouldn’t put your kid to sleep and then put them in their bed, i.e, feeding them to sleep, rocking them to sleep, etc. They need to learn to go to bed awake but tired and they will learn to fall asleep without an aid, like a boob or rocking. This way when they stir in the night they aren’t waking up just to be held/fed.

    Keep reading, I’ve recommended it to many people…. some haven’t cared for it but they also only did some part of it and didn’t embrace the whole idea.

    Now, I think the sleep whisperer is crazy! It is heart breaking to listen to your baby scream for three nights straight. Just try it.

  13. Devynn Says:

    The eat, play, sleep is the part we like best about the book, and the part my sister and sisters-in-law have recommended about it too.

    I don’t think I could listen to my baby cry for three nights straight — but I will definetly look at the other books to see what people like and don’t like about them.

    Thank you so much for your comments!

  14. Kathyt Says:

    Some babies need more of a eat-wake-eat-sleep pattern. When these babies go to sleep with a full tummy, they tend to sleep better.

    I think one of the most pernicious things about Babywise (and this is hard to see until you’ve used it) is that it provides a measuring stick that defines “success” in early parenthood by how well the baby is lining up with the book’s plan. If the suggested feeding intervals turn out not to be right for a given baby, the mother often feels SHE or the BABY has the problem; not the book. It’s very sad to see that mistaken impression color a woman’s perception of herself or her baby at a time when she should be commended for the fact that her baby is growing and is becoming knit into the fabric of the family, that she’s growing in her ability to grow in her ability to give of herself and so on.

    It’s a stage in life that is over very quickly, is intrinsically precious, and in which the major goal really isn’t “sleep through the night” but rather, that the baby must grow (never again with the brain grow as fast as it will in the first year), and the baby and mother must connect emotionally.

    Psychologists call refer to this as developing “basic trust”, and it’s a cornerstone in our emotional development that is laid down in our very earliest relationship with our primary caregiver. It influences our ability to trust and be intimate in relationships throughout life. DID someone come when we cried? DID our discomfort matter to someone, or were we left to our own limited devices?

    Towards the end of pregnancy you find your body training you to wake during the night, and perhaps that’s nature’s way to show you–if you can get up for the sake of your bladder, you can surely roll over and feed your beautiful, rapidly growing baby.

    It’s just a short stage in life. Let it be filled with lots of rocking, nursing, and relationship building that will pay back big dividends in the coming seasons. The paradigm Babywise offers puts the empha’sis on the wrong sylla’ble (as my dad used to say.)

    Yay for mothers! We do such an important job!

  15. Devynn Says:

    Thanks for everyone’s input into this topic!

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