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AHHHH! April 21, 2006

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Did anyone else notice the ticker is on the last baby??????? Yikes!

Anyway, no news here on the baby front, other than I shouldn’t have walked around Costco today for an hour — ouch, I’m in pain! Wish it were contractions!

Doctor says she wants this baby to come out after Tuesday because this week is the week they gain most of their fat and she doesn’t like skinny babies…I think I might, though!

I thought my water broke on Tuesday, but turns out it wasn’t, the doctor thought this was it too, but after some more investigations, turns out it wasn’t 😦 I was kinda sad…I realllly want to meet this little one! And I know, all you moms out there are going to tell me that once this baby is out I may be wishing in those early morning feedings that it was still in me. BUT, I want this baby, and I want it now! LOL.

I’m finally off work! This is my last weekend that I will have any work to finish up before the baby comes. That is weird. I went into my office today to drop off a transcript…and it felt weird that I would only be in there once more before I’m a mum! Crazy!

Anyway, just impatiently waiting for Peanut to arrive.

PS> My dad asked the other day “How is Peanut?” I thought it was cute that Grandpa called him/her Peanut!


5 Responses to “AHHHH!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your doctor wants you to have the baby five weeks early? What?? Why would your doctor want you to have it so early?

    That’s really bizarre. They gain their most weight, which they need, the last six weeks or so so you want to keep them in as long as possible.

  2. Devynn Says:

    Obviously she wants it to stay in as long as possible, but I have had so many complications that she would be okay if the baby came four weeks early.

  3. Hoping Says:

    can’t wait to see youf lil one! Have a nice relaxing weekend 🙂

  4. Chas Says:

    I feel comfortable saying that once you get that baby there’s no way you’re going to want him/her back in there…even during middle of the night feedings…they’re just precious. It would be nice if you could at least make it to full term..37-38 weeks..just for baby’s sake.

  5. Jeniece Says:

    Um… so if your water didn’t break…. then…. nevermind 🙂

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