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The doctor says… May 18, 2006

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Well, the doctor yesterday was the only doctor in my clinic that I hadn’t met yet, and she is SO nice! Totally my favourite! She measured the baby at 45 centimetres (but her measurement of where my pubic bone is, seemed significantly higher than where the other drs have measured from) and said my blood pressure had actually dropped from last time. I think that goes to prove that I’m really not worried about this baby thing. I lost four pounds since last week — woo hoo! The doctor said that is totally normal, and actually good. Then she said “Maybe I will have the magic fingers and you will be dialated!”

No such luck.

She could barely find my cervix, and she said it was not opening at all. Suck! I was so hoping to hear that I was a few centimetres! Oh well.

Then we talked about the ultrasound. She said the baby is showing to be in the 95th percentile of ginormousnous — is ANYONE surprised? Not me. She felt around the baby and said, “You have one fat baby in there!” I said, “I was kind of hoping it was really long and skinny, like my hubby, and that’s why it weighs so much.” She said, “No, everywhere I feel is baby. You have a chunky baby in there.” Nice.

So we talked about induction and she said since the baby is already so big they think I’m at a higher risk for a C-section, so inducing me would make my chances of a C-section even greater, so they are going to let me go as long as they can. She said their clinic’s policy is no longer than eight days over. So that puts us on May 30th as the induction date, if they have to, which means I may have been right all along, and we may get a June baby yet! I never do ANYTHING the easy way and apparently this baby is following in mommy’s footsteps.

I also decided earlier in the week that I’m going to pamper myself a bit today, since I think I deserve it (seriously, look at the picture below, you HAVE to agree with me LOL). So I went for a haircut at 11. Tammy is the best! And then I went and had my legs waxed. The plan is to paint my nails and toenails tonight sometime and then I’ll be all gussied up! I just feel like such a blob I thought I deserved a bit of pampering.

I am sick of just taking it easy, and I want this baby here! I know, I know, patience is a virtue and I will be glad for the time I’ve had just me and just me and Brian.

Anyway, that’s the update!


6 Responses to “The doctor says…”

  1. Emmakirst Says:

    Oh my, i was hoping that you’d update with a picture of your little chublette 🙂 Well I hope that you go soon on your own. Way to go on pampering yourself, you deserve it! Sending you some special labor vibes your way, hehe. Take care.

  2. Emma in Canada Says:

    I absolutely love “chunky” babies. My biggest was 9lbs 9 oz and was all jowls. Granted, he never had that newborn look but he sure was cute.

  3. Devynn Says:

    Believe me, I can’t WAIT to update with pictures of the baby! 9,9? Good for you! Yeah, they don’t have the newborn look, and they kinda look like they should start talking, but cute regardless!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shannon Says:

    well if you went to my doc you would of had your baby by now hehehe… anyways… i hope you don’t have to wait till the end of the month or june… fingers crossed!!

  5. Chas Says:

    I think you’d be even more appreciative of extra time with your baby…so I hope it decides to make the grand entrance soon.

  6. Mary Boston Says:

    Good for you getting all “gussied up”. It really made a big difference for me to have a nice laquer of polish on my toes while having people inspect my “personals”.

    Don’t worry about feeling bad about wanting your baby here now! We all love babies and it’s so great when they are here! Not to much longer!

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