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Pictures of our little wee one! May 29, 2006

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Just FYI, the previous post, as well as this one, were made by Brian, Devynn’s Hubby. She and baby are still in hospital for at least another day. I know everyone was waiting for pictures, and I was in no position yesterday to post anything, since I posted that announcement at 3:00 this morning. Anyways, we named our little boy Harrison DeLyle (DeLyle is Devynn’s grandfather’s name). He is having a little more trouble today than yesterday, but is doing really well. We had a few poops, but no wet diaper, yet. We are just waiting for that and for him to want to feed more.
Anyway, here are some pics, with more, I’m sure, to come.


11 Responses to “Pictures of our little wee one!”

  1. Kristi Says:

    What a beautiful baby boy!!!

  2. Sariah in Vancouver Says:

    What a sweetie! And I’m sure he’ll thank you later for posting his naked baby pictures on the world wide web! lol

    I like the name, great choice!

    Congratulations again and happy healing to Devynn!

    Thanks for keeping us all posted! πŸ™‚

  3. Jessica Says:

    What a handsome little guy!!! I love the first picture! He is saying, “no, why did you disturb me, I was so happy there!”

  4. Emmakirst Says:

    Awwww, he’s beautiful! I love his name. Congratulations again devynn and hubby πŸ™‚ I still can’t believe how big he is! How long is he? Glad all is going well.

  5. Shannon Says:

    Wow… never seen a 10 pound baby before… you should get a push gift for just carrying such a big baby lol… but glad things are going well!

  6. Alyson Says:

    Yay! its begun. I like his name. I have to admit I’ve never seen such a blonde brand new baby before. Even my blondy came out with dark hair.

  7. Dazed Says:

    I love the name you have chosen for him, daddy looks so happy with his little boy!

  8. Emma in Canada Says:

    He’s absolutely beautiful. Congrats to you both.

  9. Jennifer Says:

    YOU DID IT!!!

    That’s awesome! Congrats. You should have heard the buzz that grew when I announced it at church. Everyone is so happy for you guys.

  10. Chas Says:

    IT’s a BOY!? Why did I think you were having a girl all this time??? It had to be the pink baby ticker. So glad to hear that Harrison is doing well…he’s so cute!

  11. Sandra Says:


    I’m gonna miss this guy! Hope all goes well and you take good care of Devyn..

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