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wow … this baby thing sure takes all my time! August 3, 2006

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Actually, baby and photography! I’m working overtime on both! I will post, I promise. Jenthemom called me the other day just to make sure I was still alive and okay since I haven’ t posted in FOREVER! I am okay. Photography wedding season is in full swing and I haven’t had time to do anything other than wedding after wedding and wedding. Hubby had surgery last week on his knee, so I’m taking care of him too. I am also getting my life insurance licence and working on training in Primerica!!! And I go back to Court Reporting in September! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I PROMISE I will post — please don’t leave me!

I will post pictures so you will all still love me!

I am SUCH a happy baby!!!!!!!! I smile all day long!

I love my daddy.

Don’t worry, mommy and daddy were with me the whole time I was sleeping with my kitty. Aren’t we cute?

I have found my fingers and my thumb. I make the cutest sucking sound ever!!!