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And this just in… December 23, 2006

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Harrison fed himself a bottle for the first time all by himself yesterday morning — daddy and I were SOOOOOOOO excited!


My little man is growing up!

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Someone has discovered that if you tuck your legs up underneath you and put your bum in the air and get up on your arms…you can move. He isn’t moving very fast, but it looks like we may have a crawler on our hands soon. It is the cutest thing to watch!

I have him on video…if only I could figure out how to post them.

We tried grinding up our dinner the other night to feed to Harrison — NO WAY WAS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN. He gagged and gagged and gagged. It wasn’t spicey or anything. Silly man.

We are going to my parents’ for Christmas 🙂 Nothing like being home for Christmas!

From our family to yours — WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!


Some more pictures December 9, 2006

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All right, sorry about the last post, Harrison was playing in the Christmas tree so I had to run! We have been busy here, like I said, doing photography, Christmas and all other jobs we have in this house. I’m going to post some pics from when Brian’s parents were here.

Harrison is still an amazing baby. He sleeps from 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. until 7:30 or 8 in the morning, usually. He is teething again, which makes for a barfy baby, but still happy.

I had to go to a funeral yesterday down in my home town 😦 Sad. One of my girlfriends that I grew up with, her only two brothers were found dead a week ago. They had either died of carbon monoxide poisoning, or they froze to death in a hunting cabin. So sad. They were 21 and 26. So Harrison and I headed down for some grandma and grandpa lovin’ for him!

Well, I need to make some Christmas baking AHHHHHHHHH. I hope I have time. I made up THE cutest plates. I’ll post a pic when I have a chance. (You would think with a photography studio in my very own home I could take more pictures.)

Anyway, for those that haven’t checked it out, I have a new photography website. Let me know what you think!


Also, we are going to Florida for a week in January WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

HA HA HA. We are so mean. I LOVE this hat. I think he is the cutest puppy! There are matching mittens and they are paws. Ha ha ha!

Love this shirt!

This is our Christmas tree…I don’t know why it isn’t lit for the picture…maybe I’ll take a different one.

Yup, this is the cutest santa! We are so mean for dressing him up all the time! I couldn’t resist when I saw this!

Here he looks like Godzilla the Santa overtaking the Christmas tree…he he he.

Here is the whole outfit … I love it!!!

So, we LOVE THESE. Harrison loves frozen blackberries in these…

What up, Homey H? I LOVE this picture of him. BTW : His shirt says “Crying: it gets the job done.”


Our Christmas Card

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Sorry, I haven’t posted. In-laws were here, photography business BOOMING. Oh, yeah, and a six-month old 😉 Anyway, not much new. Harrison is working on his third tooth. He can sit up on is own. We are working on the having him hold his own bottle thing. He can say da da da da. LOVE IT!

Anyway, can’t chat, must sleep.