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Are we really here? March 10, 2007

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Welcome, all, to our new blog.  This big move to Florida has sparked some big changes in my life, and I’m starting anew with most of the things in my life!  So, the blog had to follow! 

 We arrived safely in Florida on Monday.  Harrison did AMAZING on the flight.  I now know that direct is the best.  We flew here on WestJet and it was great.  I would totally do that again.  It was nice to have my parents with me on the flight so I could pass Harrison to them.  Harrison is LOVING his walks.  On one of their walks, he and grandpa saw three turtles.  There are geckos galore around here!  I love the weather.  Even more, I love not having my migraines.  We just found out the other day that there isn’t any highspeed internet in this area yet, but should be by the end of the month.  I am going nuts!  Dial-up for me!  Brian is liking his job!  That’s all the news here!!!!  Come on over!


3 Responses to “Are we really here?”

  1. Jen the Mom Says:

    Devynn! You’re there! You’re safe! You’re roaming on beaches through the sand.

    It’s snowed today. Lightly, but it did snow.

    Let me know when you buy a house with enough space for visitors.

  2. Jeniece Says:

    Love the pictures!!! See you in 2 weeks!

  3. Chas Says:

    I didn’t realize you’d moved to WordPress until today! I can’t believe you guys have already moved (homes). I’m going to Florida this week…so fun!!

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