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Hoppy Easter… April 11, 2007

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Well, I’m having a hard time uploading pictures for some reason on here.
We had a GREAT Easter. Harrison is hilarious. He wanted to play with everything. The Easter bunny gave him a basket that is a puppy dog. Poor daddy had to go into work at midnight ’cause someone decided they didn’t want to work the night shift even though they were scheduled. Stupid ^%(*&#)(*&%@! Anyway, then Harrison wouldn’t let him sleep past 9. So he crawled up the stairs and stood up right next to Brian’s side of the bed saying “HiDad. Dadadada. HiDad.” So we got up and did the Easter thing and then we spoke in church too. Poor Brian on two hours of sleep. He did really good. Then we spent the afternoon at Brian’s aunt and uncle’s house for dinner.

We had a LOVELY thunderstorm/tornado warning last night. Harrison slept through it.

Everything is going well. I have lots of pictures I want to put up, but it is being stupid…


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