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What a year! May 29, 2007

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Well, Master Harrison, I can’t believe you are already 1!  Where did this year go?  You amaze me every day with new tricks.  You are one of the funniest kids I have ever met.  You love to laugh and play and smile.  You are precious.  What can you do right now?

  • You can crawl faster than I have ever seen a baby crawl
  • You can say dada
  • You can say hidad
  • You can say baba
  • You can say kitty
  • You can say dog
  • You can say turtle (tur-tur)
  • You can copy us when we make sounds
  • You can copy movements we make with our hands or body
  • You can clap and you love to clap
  • You can almost walk
  • You can giggle a lot
  • You can drink from a sippy cup
  • You can eat most solid food, but you have an allergy to strawberries and oranges
  • You love ice cream and make the cutest face when you eat it because it is cold
  • You LOVE to dance
  • You are a dancing fool
  • You love family hugs when we sandwhich you between us
  • You love to hug and tackle the cat and dog
  • You love to read
  • You like to sleep a lot (12 hours at night and two 2-hour naps during the day)
  • You love to wave
  • You like to get people’s attention when we are out and about
  • You like mommy’s keys and her wallet
  • Your favourite book is a touch-and-feel book about kitties
  • You like to look for fans and lights and point to them and say “dat”
  • You love to give slobbery kisses and we love to get them
  • You love to read books to yourself and point to the words as you read them

I just don’t want to forget anything that you are doing right now.  I am so proud of you for everything you can do.  You are such a smart little guy!  You really make daddy and I laugh EVERY day.  You are a goofy boy and we love you for it!  You look a lot like your daddy. 

Harrison, we can’t wait to see what you will be like when you grow up.  I know you will be a great man, just like your dad and grandpas.  I hope you remember what we teach you and try and teach others.  I hope you get the patience your dad has and ability to be outgoing that I have.  You are a great mix of mommy and daddy.  We couldn’t ask for a better little guy!  Thank you for being so amazing.


I was up until 4 a.m. making this cake–I’m really happy with how it turned out!


Is there something on my face?


 There is some on the back of my hand I must eat!


Why is everyone looking at me?  You would do this too if you could!


I am 1 today!


Awwww, aren’t we cute?



Mommy is old… May 19, 2007

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Well, actually, she isn’t, but she is having a birthday.  She turns 26 on Sunday.  Happy Birthday, Mommy!!!!!!  Tonight mommy and daddy went out for dinner with some friends and family.  They had fun!  Here we are just before they left.



I LOOOOOOVE TOYS! May 15, 2007

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Today I spent all morning taking my toys out of my toybox and putting some back in, then mommy would put the rest in, and then I would take them all out again.  I LOVE this game.Mommy also thought I looked SO handsome today she couldn’t stop snapping pictures of me!  I am a stuuuuuudmuffin!

I have started keeping my tongue out almost all the time…permadrool!


 Ooooh, Mom, another toy!  Thanks…can I have it?  Hand over the camera, lady!


Hmmm….what’s in here?  Whatever I want, I know it is at the VERY bottom!


Are you done taking pictures of me yet?



New random pics & random stuff!!!! May 11, 2007

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Well, not much is new here.  We are just chillaxing, mostly.  Harrison and I spend every day just playing and learning new things.  Brian spends every day working 10+ hours a day.  I never see him, but we are adjusting.  Young Womens is keeping me SUPER busy, so that’s good.  Here are some new pics!

Here is my new toy!  I LOVE it.  Mommy couldn’t wait until my birthday in a couple of weeks to give it to me.  I’m SO close to walking, I love this!


Here is me and Grandma and Grandpa the day they left to go back to Canada.  Of course we are at McDonalds!!!!


Here I am just being my cute self!!!!!!!  I’m a Florida studmuffin!



Another big milestone… May 3, 2007

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Well, every night when Brian gets home from work we practice walking with Harrison — today it paid off!!!!!!  He took his first steps!!!!  It was awesome.  I think he was proud of himself.  He did it a couple of times!  I really hoped he would start walking before his first birthday!!!!