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Playing, diapers, learning diapers, feeding, diapers and growing…one day at a time!

New random pics & random stuff!!!! May 11, 2007

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Well, not much is new here.  We are just chillaxing, mostly.  Harrison and I spend every day just playing and learning new things.  Brian spends every day working 10+ hours a day.  I never see him, but we are adjusting.  Young Womens is keeping me SUPER busy, so that’s good.  Here are some new pics!

Here is my new toy!  I LOVE it.  Mommy couldn’t wait until my birthday in a couple of weeks to give it to me.  I’m SO close to walking, I love this!


Here is me and Grandma and Grandpa the day they left to go back to Canada.  Of course we are at McDonalds!!!!


Here I am just being my cute self!!!!!!!  I’m a Florida studmuffin!



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