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What a year! May 29, 2007

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Well, Master Harrison, I can’t believe you are already 1!  Where did this year go?  You amaze me every day with new tricks.  You are one of the funniest kids I have ever met.  You love to laugh and play and smile.  You are precious.  What can you do right now?

  • You can crawl faster than I have ever seen a baby crawl
  • You can say dada
  • You can say hidad
  • You can say baba
  • You can say kitty
  • You can say dog
  • You can say turtle (tur-tur)
  • You can copy us when we make sounds
  • You can copy movements we make with our hands or body
  • You can clap and you love to clap
  • You can almost walk
  • You can giggle a lot
  • You can drink from a sippy cup
  • You can eat most solid food, but you have an allergy to strawberries and oranges
  • You love ice cream and make the cutest face when you eat it because it is cold
  • You LOVE to dance
  • You are a dancing fool
  • You love family hugs when we sandwhich you between us
  • You love to hug and tackle the cat and dog
  • You love to read
  • You like to sleep a lot (12 hours at night and two 2-hour naps during the day)
  • You love to wave
  • You like to get people’s attention when we are out and about
  • You like mommy’s keys and her wallet
  • Your favourite book is a touch-and-feel book about kitties
  • You like to look for fans and lights and point to them and say “dat”
  • You love to give slobbery kisses and we love to get them
  • You love to read books to yourself and point to the words as you read them

I just don’t want to forget anything that you are doing right now.  I am so proud of you for everything you can do.  You are such a smart little guy!  You really make daddy and I laugh EVERY day.  You are a goofy boy and we love you for it!  You look a lot like your daddy. 

Harrison, we can’t wait to see what you will be like when you grow up.  I know you will be a great man, just like your dad and grandpas.  I hope you remember what we teach you and try and teach others.  I hope you get the patience your dad has and ability to be outgoing that I have.  You are a great mix of mommy and daddy.  We couldn’t ask for a better little guy!  Thank you for being so amazing.


I was up until 4 a.m. making this cake–I’m really happy with how it turned out!


Is there something on my face?


 There is some on the back of my hand I must eat!


Why is everyone looking at me?  You would do this too if you could!


I am 1 today!


Awwww, aren’t we cute?



2 Responses to “What a year!”

  1. Jen the Mom Says:

    Alyson and I were JUST talking today about how Harrison must be turning one today or yesterday! I love these pictures. Good for you for making his cake. I’m not so gutsy, I deferred to my mother0in-law.

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    happy birthday little man… looks like you all had a great day!

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