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It’s great to know I still have readers! June 9, 2007

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Thanks to everyone that commented on my last post! 

Nicole:  I took a pregnancy test two days ago and I’m not, so we have checked that off!

Sharon:  Wow…thanks for all the advice!  I love it!  I am excited to print off your list of food and get on it!

There are always kids out there that are going to be better than your kid at things.  Harrison loves to talk.  He can’t form many words yet, but he babbles like he is really talking to you.  He even pauses and waits for your response to his “questions.”  I love it.  And you know when he is serious about what he is talking about because he talks with his hands and has a stern look on his face.  Harrison is great in his own ways, I know.  I just feel blah about everything I’m supposed to be doing for him, but after reading all of the comments, you are all right, I am doing enough. 

Thanks, girls!  You all rock!!!!


5 Responses to “It’s great to know I still have readers!”

  1. Jen the Mom Says:

    You’ll always have a reader in me, hunny.

  2. Alyson Says:

    I’ve been lurking. Thanks for the diaper bag and stuff. How do you want me to settle up?

  3. harrisonandmommy Says:

    Alyson, don’t be silly!!!!! Consider it my baby gift!

  4. whimsicalchaos Says:

    Hey on the feeling down part… My OBGYN told me it takes 2 years for our bodies to get back to normal… esp with the hormones… so just brush it off as things still trying to hit normal hehehe…

    on the food thing… Lore eats what we eat… everything… we haven’t introduced anything like egg whites, nuts and peanuts, strawberries, etc… we are waiting because since adding whole milk to her diet she gets really stopped up… so the doc told us to give her milk and then switch to a juice bottle etc… well now she goes from stopped up to the runs… so once that clears up… she will get those things… but you know if you are in a rut let him pick out what he eats at the store… I let Lore pick out fruits and veggies a lot… she loves those green peppers lol…

    But, I hope things start to go better for ya… hugs!

  5. i love that baby babble! e sings all the way to school in the mornings! her words are…
    “da!”, “DO” “MA”, “TEE”…so not really a kid that is throwing words around yet, but loves to make noises to her hearts content!!

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