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Could someone hand me a glass of water? July 23, 2007

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I will be needing it as I have to eat my words from my last post…

These words to be exact “Something new is in the works, but I can’t divulge it yet!  (No, I’m not pregnant!)” 

Haha…the joke’s on me!  I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!

Looks like it will be a March baby.  I am going to the doctor this week for the first time.  I’m going to have two under two.  Oh, my!  We are SOOOOOOO excited!  I love being pregnant, despite how GINORMOUS I was with Harrison, and the couple of complications I had along the way, it is all worth it.  I guess this is the Harrison, Baby & Mommy blog now.

Oh, and the “something new in the works”.  I’m starting to do the vinyl lettering that is oh so popular right now.  It isn’t big down here yet, so I’m hoping to break into this market.  I’ll post more about that when I get it up and running. 

Okay, and some pics of Harrison from yesterday because he was SOOOOOO cute in his suit!



11 Responses to “Could someone hand me a glass of water?”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    omg omg omg… I am sooooo happy for ya… I hope ya have a girl hehehe…

  2. Laura & Andres Says:

    First…congratulations! And second, Harrison is adorable! (South) Florida is an adjustment. Its just a very different lifestyle and attitude.

  3. alyson Says:

    I’m glad you like being pregnant. Someone had too. Congratulations and as soon as I read “I’m not pregnant.” I totally thought you were, for no reason other than experience. That is how it happened with Tweedle D.

    Love the pictures he is so cute.

  4. Sharon Says:

    cute,cute,cute pictures of the little man! And congrats on being prego – at least you won’t have to deal with summertime Florida heat in the final stages! Let me know when you are headed home – you should be able to catch a glimpse of our bambino which is coming any day now…

  5. Sandra Says:

    This is the first time I’ve been able to say congrats!!!!! It’s a lot of fun, a lot of work, but worth it in the end. I hope we get to see you in Nov. I had BETTER NOT be pregnant then. that would definitely mess up the trip to Mexico! lol.. 🙂

  6. Jan Nut Says:

    I guess I should have read this before asking what you were going to divulge. The lettering is a good idea and will be really popular soon there. Especially with you as the sales woman….I am still soooooo excited to be an auntie again. I can’t wait!! And the suit pictures are SO cute. He gets cuter in every pic. If get any of those developed and could send me a copy that would be amazing! I know you are crazy busy but i would love it. I miss him sooo much!! Give him lots of love for me, and also baby number 2.

  7. Grandma Kay Says:

    He looks SO cute in the little suit. I just want to hug him all over. So when does grandma get some more pics and a family one…………???

  8. Jen the Mom Says:


    That’s awesome!

    I think the vinyl lettering is an excellent idea too. My sister-in-law is doing it here in Calgary and it’s doing really well.

    Congrats again, you rock!

  9. sugarandice Says:

    Congratulations, you’ve a very blessed girl!

  10. hoping Says:

    going password protected please email me for access at ooskerdoo@hotmail.com

  11. congrats! harrison is going to be an awesome big brother!

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