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Summer Days are tooooo fun around here! September 24, 2007

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Well, the other day Harrison and Daddy disappeared outside while I was making dinner.  All of a sudden, I heard a tap on the sliding door in the kitchen.  I looked outside, and this is what I saw in the backyard.  Enjoy!  I did.



So, other news in the Bohn home.  We are moving, YET AGAIN, this weekend.  We are signing a 7-month lease, so unless we buy a house within the next 7 months, we should be staying in one place for a little longer this time.  It is very possible, though, that we could buy a house soon. 

 I’m still huge and pregnant.  I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time on Thursday 🙂  That totally made it more real.  As if not being able to see my feet already and peeing 25,000 times a night didn’t make it real enough!

Brian’s mom is coming to visit us this week.  Hopefully I’ll have most of the house packed before she gets here so she can enjoy Harrison and not worry about helping me pack.

I’m tired all the time.  That’s new.  I have never not had this much energy.  I think it is because Brian, Harrison and I have been playing pass-the-cold-around.  Brian ran a fever of 102 all weekend, sometimes it was 103.  It broke last night, so he went to work this morning.

Last Tuesday Harrison ran a fever of 104 so off to the doctor we went.  He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and Brian was diagnosed with sinusitis.  LUVLY.  I have been playing nurse and mommy for a while now.  And I feel like poop all the time, so not so fun.  Wow…what a depressing post.  There has to be something fun going on in our lives…

I joined a local photography club.  I’ve been to one meeting.  It is mostly hobbyists/amateurs, but there are a few other pros and so it is fun to talk to everyone.  Young Womens is keeping me busy too.  Not much else is new!


HARRISON ON VIDEO! September 8, 2007

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I finally uploaded a movie!!!!  Here is Harrison dancing to the Doodlebops and eating popcorn.  Sorry no sound, this was taken on my crappy digital camera! 


KA? September 7, 2007

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Ketchupholics Anonymous. 

 My name is Harrison and I have a ketchup problem.  I love it.  I need it. Mmmmm….ketchup!  I will dip whatever I find in it!



My little acrobat! September 6, 2007

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So I was getting ready for Young Womens (the youth group I’m in charge of) on Tuesday.  Harrison likes to play in the bathroom with me while I’m getting ready.  Today was no different.  He was at my feet playing.  Then he starting putting things he could reach into the tub.  That was fine until he wanted to go in after them.  Normally he puts his leg up on the side and pulls himself over.  This time he decided to just reach in.  So he was  reaching over the side of the tub and next thing I see, he is doing a handstand in the tub and he flops onto his back.  I seriously watching him do a handstand.  Thank goodness we have a big triangle corner tub so there was tons of room for him to flop back, but seriously, kid, didn’t that hurt?  NOPE!  He cracked himself up.  It didn’t even phase him and he just continued to play in there.  I was laughing so hard I couldn’t put my make-up on.

Today was Harrison’s 15-month check-up.  He was so funny through it all.  He just wanted to climb on everything and explore the whole office.  He was so good for the doctor and then it came time for his shot.  He didn’t cry!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  He did so well!  My little man!  His stats haven’t changed much — he is still a little string bean.  He is all of 21 pounds and he is pretty tall, he is 32 inches tall.  The doctor said he wasn’t concerned that Harrison hasn’t gained much weight, because just watching him he could see that the kid burns off a million calories a day.  I get tired just watching him!  The doctor said we will just keep an eye on him weight-wise.  Harrison eats a LOT, so I’m not concerned.  He just has his daddy’s metabolism and energy.

Anywho, that’s our update!  He is watching the Doodlebops, so I’m going to go and join him!  We don’t have cable, but the library is close, so I rent him a couple of DVDs every once in a while and he loves it.  He really doesn’t like TV, but he likes the Doodlebops and Curious Buddies!



Seaworld rocked our world!!!!!!! September 4, 2007

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So yesterday Brian and I were supposed to spend the day at the beach and just chillax.  Well, first thing in the morning we got the grand idea to go to Seaworld.  We had heard that they were having a good deal, so we headed out.   We left around 9:20 and we got there around noon.  Harrison didn’t sleep at all on the way there, or at all while we were at the park either.  And he was overtired so he fussed to fall asleep on the ride home — stinker!  But considering he didn’t nap all day, he was AMAZING.  He was so good.  I think there was just so much going on and so much to do he liked that his attention was peaked at every turn.

 So we got there, and we decided to buy a season’s pass, even though we could be moving, because a season’s pass was the cost of going 1.5 times.  Totally worth it.  We are hoping to head back next week on Brian’s day off, maybe.

 So the park is HUGE.  We were told you can’t do the park in one day, but we pretty much did.  The only thing we didn’t see that we kind of wanted to was the Shamu show.  We could have seen the 7:30 p.m. show, but we wanted to get on the road.

Harrison got to pet a stingray — they are SLIMY!  He also got to pet a dolphin and they feel like a balloon.  They are SO friendly.  He got to feed the seals and the dolphins too.  He was in heaven. 

So we started the day at the dolphin nursery.  This is where they have the mommy-to-be dolphins and there was a new mommy with her baby calf with her.  SO cute! 

Then we headed to the stingrays and the turtles (tur-tur according to Harrison).  The stingrays you can reach in a pet.  The boys had fun doing that.  The tur-turs were boring.  And there weren’t very many of them.

Then we went to feed the dolphins.  SO fun.  We got to pet them and be right up close to them.  Harrison LOVED it.  He wanted to jump in and swim with them.

Then we headed to a really cool show with dolphins and whales.  It was SO well done.  The music was great and the show was fabulous.

Then I think we ate lunch (EXPENSIVE!).  Harrison covered himself in watermelon — that’s what Harrison and mommy had for lunch.  Daddy had pizza. 

 We then went to the penguin exhibit — really fun!  Harrison liked to watch them.

Then we went to the seals.  HILARIOUS!  Brian got some food to feed them.  So the boys fed the LOUD seals who begged for food!  We were there looking at the seals and feeding them and listening to them and then Harrison starts making a barking noise just like the seals.  We didn’t tell him to or anything, he just started to do it.  He is so smart!  Then we saw the seal show — SO FUNNY TOO!  These two big seals were so funny.

Then we went to the shark exhibit and the fish exhibit — you walk under the aquariums, they put a tube through the aquariums so you are surrounded by fish or sharks.  SCARY! LOL. 

Then we went to the wild arctic, which the show was dumb, but we got to see a polar bear, three beluga whales and a couple of walruses.  Harrison didn’t want to the leave walruses.  Apparently he had made friends with them LOL.

 Then we headed home.  It was SUCH  a fun day.  I’m so glad we went.

Here are the pictures!

Here is the mommy & baby dolphin!


This is one of the whales in the whale & dolphin show


The whale & dolphin show


 Cute seal!


Sleepy seal


This is the aquarium you walk through


Beluga whale!



10 weeks, people, 10 weeks. September 2, 2007

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Well, I thought I’d post a picture, since I am GINORMOUS for 10 weeks.  People are asking me when I’m due — thinking it will be soon.  And when I say “March 26th” I get weird looks.