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10 weeks, people, 10 weeks. September 2, 2007

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Well, I thought I’d post a picture, since I am GINORMOUS for 10 weeks.  People are asking me when I’m due — thinking it will be soon.  And when I say “March 26th” I get weird looks.



7 Responses to “10 weeks, people, 10 weeks.”

  1. emmakirsten Says:

    You look great, could there be 2 in there? I found I popped really fast after #1 too. People think I’m due now half the time, when I say 3 more months their jaws drop!

  2. angela Says:

    Your right. You are pretty big for 10 weeks. Are you sure your dates are correct? I don’t think I am much bigger than you are. Maybe I should take a photo and send it to you. Anyways you still look super cute. I love your outfit. Is is a new one?

  3. sandra Says:

    i love your outfit. it’s so sweet. I can’t wait to see week 39!!

  4. harrisonandmommy Says:

    Yeah, we are 99% sure on our dates! I really think there may be more than one in there. I know you show more with your second, but I have looked this way since I was 6 weeks.

    Thanks for comments on the outfit, I got the skirt at Old Navy and the shirt at Ross Dress For Less! LOL. I’m cheap!

  5. alyson Says:

    I popped out really fast with #2 and then “plateaued” for a while. With #3 I was showing at 8 weeks. Yep at 8 weeks I was in jenthemom’s maternity clothes and mostly grew out of those by Christmas (~12 weeks). Wouldn’t it be exciting yet terrifying should there be multiples in there. Good luck either way and quit getting sick

    BTW You look way better pregnant than I did.

  6. Grandma Kay Says:

    I really like this outfit! It looks nice on you.

  7. Emma Says:

    Just wanted to say congrats on the pregnancy! You look fantastic.

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