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Summer Days are tooooo fun around here! September 24, 2007

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Well, the other day Harrison and Daddy disappeared outside while I was making dinner.  All of a sudden, I heard a tap on the sliding door in the kitchen.  I looked outside, and this is what I saw in the backyard.  Enjoy!  I did.



So, other news in the Bohn home.  We are moving, YET AGAIN, this weekend.  We are signing a 7-month lease, so unless we buy a house within the next 7 months, we should be staying in one place for a little longer this time.  It is very possible, though, that we could buy a house soon. 

 I’m still huge and pregnant.  I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time on Thursday 🙂  That totally made it more real.  As if not being able to see my feet already and peeing 25,000 times a night didn’t make it real enough!

Brian’s mom is coming to visit us this week.  Hopefully I’ll have most of the house packed before she gets here so she can enjoy Harrison and not worry about helping me pack.

I’m tired all the time.  That’s new.  I have never not had this much energy.  I think it is because Brian, Harrison and I have been playing pass-the-cold-around.  Brian ran a fever of 102 all weekend, sometimes it was 103.  It broke last night, so he went to work this morning.

Last Tuesday Harrison ran a fever of 104 so off to the doctor we went.  He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and Brian was diagnosed with sinusitis.  LUVLY.  I have been playing nurse and mommy for a while now.  And I feel like poop all the time, so not so fun.  Wow…what a depressing post.  There has to be something fun going on in our lives…

I joined a local photography club.  I’ve been to one meeting.  It is mostly hobbyists/amateurs, but there are a few other pros and so it is fun to talk to everyone.  Young Womens is keeping me busy too.  Not much else is new!


One Response to “Summer Days are tooooo fun around here!”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    love the photos… and I can’t wait to hear more about this new house you are moving into… by why only a 7m lease… odd time amount hehehe… and I hope you all get well soon!!

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