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Babies, bats and beds… November 1, 2007

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Yesterday started off with an ultrasound!  We got to see the baby finally!  Yes, it is only one!  He/she was moving all over and the ultrasound tech was having to chase him/her around.  Then, when she needed to get some important measurements, the baby rolled up in a ball and wouldn’t budge.  But we got to see the baby!  They want me to come back in two weeks so they can get the measurements they need.  Brian had the day off so he came with us!  Actually, I threatened his life if he didn’t take the time off to come 🙂 (The picture from the ultrasound isn’t good.  I’ll post pics from the next one)

Then we headed out to the new Ikea that opened two weeks ago.  It is about 45 minutes from us.  We were specifically looking for a big boy bed for Harrison.  And we found one!  We weren’t sure if we were going to put him in it or not, but we decided to try.  So Brian and Harrison put his bed together.  It was cute to watch Harrison helping.  But after we made the bed, Harrison, of course, and Inde, decided that UNDER the bed was where the party was at!  We didn’t get it finished before we had to head out trick or treating, so we finished it afterwards.  Harrison WOULD NOT fall asleep in his new bed.  I figured this would be the case, but thought we would try.  We ended up putting him to sleep in his playpen (crib broke a couple of months ago, new one on the way for the baby).  I then moved him into his bed at about midnight (don’t know why I was still awake).  He slept there until 6:00 this morning when I woke up to him crying.  I went in there and he was sitting in the middle of his room crying — and covered in blood.  (Yes, I feel horrible!)  I still have NO IDEA what he hurt himself on.  He hit his mouth on something and he has two fat lips.  He could have hit it on the side of the bed, but there was no blood there and it didn’t look like he could have hit it there.  Anyway, we are going to get the rails and everything, and see if we can try again.   





We went trick or treating with Brian’s cousin’s family around their neighbourhood.  Harrison was going to be Tigger, but we couldn’t keep the costume on him because he was too tall for the costume and he kept popping buttons!  So he was a Zebra who we called Zeebee.  Harrison did good.  Instead of saying “trick or treat” which we tried to get him to say, he would say “please”.  So cute!  He didn’t last long.  He was tired pretty early on.  His bedtime is 7:30 usually and we didn’t even start trick or treating until 7. 





2 Responses to “Babies, bats and beds…”

  1. Alyson Says:

    Hope you have a girl. Boys are great too but i can see you dressing her up so cute.

    Its so wierd to see trick or treating without a big snow suit or jacket. Glad he had fun.

  2. harrisonandmommy Says:

    It was SO weird without snowsuits LOL. It poured rain, though. But it was warm!

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