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Gestational Diabetes? December 4, 2007

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Well, the midwife just called and my early test for gestational diabetes came back abnormal.  I have to do the three-hour test now to determine if I have it.  I suspected I had it with Harrison, but the test then came back negative.  My midwife this time suspects that it was misdiagnosed with Harrison.  She suspected that I have it now, and looks like she just might be right.  I am overweight, which obviously is a huge contributing factor.  They are mailing me the prescription today, so hopefully I can do the test by the end of the week and get this under control.  From what I have read online, generally they try and control it by diet and then if they have to, insulin injections.  Puh-lease no injections.  That won’t go well for me.  I don’t do needles. 

 If any of you have had this, please fill me in! 

I’ll keep you posted…


2 Responses to “Gestational Diabetes?”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    well I had the injections… and they did suck… but I also know some people that were able to take insulin pills… so talk to your doctor about your choices… but diet wise… don’t eat anything with sugar in it… and stay away from things like bread, rice, and pasta… they make your blood sugar spike… and if you do have it… get a testing kit… it will help a lot… and hugs hun!!

  2. Chas Says:

    I failed my one hour test…they had me do another one hour test…failed that too….took the three hour test…passed the thing overall by the skin of my teeth, but they still had me go on the diet. My baby ended up being 5 lb. 9 oz…..I don’t think I actually had it. The diet sucked.

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