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Our Christmas Tree! December 8, 2007

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Here is our tree!  I love it.  Does the bottom look like I had help from an 18-month old in decorating it?  I did!  I stayed up late the other night decorating it.  I had help undecorating the bottom from Harrison and the kitty.  Please ignore the mess of my house.  The boxes and tote are Christmas stuff that needs to go into the garage.  And the tree isn’t crooked, but it looks like it.



2 Responses to “Our Christmas Tree!”

  1. Sandra Says:

    is this at the apt or the condo you’re buying? It looks nice…the tree. Better than ours!! 🙂

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    Ahh the tree looks so pretty… we aren’t putting ours up because Lore climbs everything… lol…

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