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Merry Christmas 2007 December 26, 2007

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Well, here are the pictures from Christmas this morning.  I’m still downloading the video.  Hopefully I can figure out how to get it on here!

Oh, I’m just too cute!


Daddy got me a train set…but Daddy played with it all day!


When I was done opening presents, I had to give my sick kitty some loves!



Yup, my train!


 Merry Christmas to everyone.  We hope you had a great one!


2 Responses to “Merry Christmas 2007”

  1. alomboy Says:

    Just so you know, loathing the fact that you had Christmas with the sun and heat! Weather was nice here but I am sure nothing to what you had. Anyway, I understand the frustration with uploading. I have a wordpress account and can’t get pictures to upload. Ughhh! So back to blogspot until I have more patience!

  2. Emma Says:

    I was going to say the same thing about a nice sunny Christmas Day. Though I have to say that here in Alberta it was much warmer this year than last. If you consider -4 warm that is.

    I absolutely love the picture of Harrison and the kitty!

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