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Thou Shalt Not Steal…Baby Jesus December 31, 2007

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I hope I don’t get struck for that!

Thanks to Shauna’s blog, I found this link.  Brian and I were laughing through reading this.  You HAVE  to take the time to read this.  So so funny…in a weird way.


Brian also pointed out to me that this little prank that got this girl a felony charge would make her ineligible to work at McDonalds in any management position…how sad is that.  A prank would stop you from that.  Next time she will think twice, I hope!


One Response to “Thou Shalt Not Steal…Baby Jesus”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    lol… i know that is funny and yet sad at the same time… but come on didn’t she think that something would happen…

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