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Who knew? February 7, 2008

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That so many people read my blog?  LOL.

Anyway, sorry to disappoint, but that house ended up being a no-go because the other Realtor was incorrect in his info and said that the HOAs included the house insurance and they didn’t.  We have a budget that we need to stick to.  I REFUSE to be a slave to my mortgage/HOAs/taxes just so I can have a house.  Some said to offer lower, but it is a foreclosure and banks don’t want to budge much.  Something crazy like 75% of the houses on the market here are in pre-foreclosure or short-sale or foreclosure.  That is good for us in the sense that they are priced lower than they should be, but it is a LOT more paperwork in the end.

My Realtor is going to earn her money on this one!  We go out every day.  The problem with a LOT of the pre-foreclosure types that we are finding is they weren’t kept up very well.  We aren’t opposed to fixing up, but the price has to be right.  We found one last night that would be PERFECT for an investor to flip.  It was priced great for the size and location.  It was actually 2,400 square feet.   It was a three-bedroom plus a den.  It needed all new appliances and the bathrooms all needed gutted.  The stairs needed fixed.  The flooring was all great.  It had fabulous vaulted ceilings and a little yard.  But we estimated at least $30,000 in renos which obviously we don’t have. 

Oh, and the weirdest thing happened when we were going to look at a house last night.  My Realtor knocked on the door and this nasty lady answered.  My Realtor says who she is and that she is here to see the house.  The tenant said that the landlord/owner called her but didn’t say anything about someone coming to look at the house (did he just call to shoot the breeze?)  And we were supposed to see the house yesterday but the owner couldn’t arrange it.  There is no lock box on the property yet.  It is a pre-foreclosure.  Anyway, the owner said we could see the house yesterday any time after 6.  It was about 6:30.  So anyway she was hesitant to let us in.  I got as far as looking at the fridge in the kitchen which is RIGHT as you walk in when the tenant pretty much yells “No, I’m not comfortable with this.”  And she kicked us out.

We were ticked off, needless to say.  I mean, the owner told her.  The Realtor told her.  We think she was just mad because she is getting kicked out of the house because the owner is in pre-foreclosure.  Anyway, it was weird. 

The house that we put an offer in last week went to someone else for $5,000 more than we offered.  We are pretty bummed.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if their deal fell through.  Supposedly the other people had an awful credit history and didn’t seem all that stable.  We have credit in the high 700s and we were putting a good chunk of cash down and we can almost guarantee a close in two weeks.  Anyway, guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Maybe I”ll be off to see more today.  Oy!


One Response to “Who knew?”

  1. Shannon O. Says:

    I remember dealing with crazy tenants like that setting up showings… ugh… crazy crazy crazy people I tell ya lol…

    But, I know the perfect place for you is out there… and I’m praying for ya on it!!

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