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Midwife Appointment February 8, 2008

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I saw the midwife yesterday.  There are two midwives in my dr’s office and this was the first meeting with this one and I LOVE her!  She was awesome.  Anyway, they did the normal stuff, my blood pressure is perfect (as usual :).  I have gained 27 pounds.  Not too bad.  Not as much as I had gained with Harrison by this point, but I started out more overweight with this pregnancy, so I’m happy with the 27 thus far.

Then she had me lay back so she could measure.  I’m measuring 39 weeks — I’m 32.  I always measure about 3 weeks ahead, so she was a little shocked to see me that big already.  I also know that isn’t the most accurate way of measuring, but there must be some relevance if they are still doing it. 

Then she felt around for the baby and looks at me and says “you are having another big one.”  Yeah, I figured that.  She informed me that the baby is head down, which I suspected.  We talked more about a possible VBAC.  She said if the ultrasound results show consistently that the size of the baby is under 8 lbs they would let me try a VBAC so I don’t need to rule it out totally yet (YEA!)  BUT she also said, just from feeling around, there is no way I’m having a small baby.  So we shall see.

She also did my first non-stress test.  The baby, just like Harrison, hated to have the monitors strapped on my belly.  It just kicked them off the whole time.  She didn’t get a great reading, but was fine with what she did get.  I now have to go for two non-stress tests (NST) a week.  How NOT fun.  They also want to see me every week already at the midwife’s office even though I’m only 32 weeks.  She said they would like to monitor me quite close as I have the Gestational Diabetes, the baby is already big and I’m measuring WAY too big and the baby is head down.

I’m fine with that.  I love my midwife’s office, it is just a hassle to take Harrison because there isn’t anything for him to do and I take his stroller because I just can’t chase him around while they are testing me.  He does really really well, it just isn’t fun for him.  And during the NST I can’t do anything with him or get him anything, so that part isn’t very fun.  But he is a REALLY good little dude.  We are VERY lucky.


Harrison and I have colds and Brian is getting the same thing — LUV-LY.  Well, last night I was crocheting around a baby blanket (I will post pictures next post) and it was about 11:45.  I am a night owl.  Well, all of a sudden I hear Harrison crying.  So I go into his room and he is just unconsolable.  Poor little dude.  He is coughing and crying.  He didn’t want me.  He wanted Daddy.  Poor Brian has been putting in LONG hours at his store and really needs what little sleep he already gets.  Well, Harrison wanted Daddy.  It was a long night.  No one really got to sleep until 3 this morning.  I think Harrison just feels like poop and doesn’t know how to deal with it.  Poor little man.  Thankfully he slept in until 8 this morning.  That is a record for him as of late.  Usually he is up 6:30-7.


Am I really ready to have another baby?  I NEED A HOUSE!  I really am not happy in this apartment.  We have the money to get a house.  We have everything we need…just not the house!  I’m hoping to chat with the Realtor some more today.  She knows we are in a huge time crunch.  I just feel bad stalking her.  I know I’m not her only client.  I’m certainly not going to be her biggest client moneywise.  She has been great to take so much time with me.  I just REALLY need a house!  AHHHHHHHHHH!


Well, I’m in TOTAL nesting mode.  Poor Brian had to play Wii sitting on the coffee table last night at 10 or so because I got the sudden urge to clean and moisturize the leather couches.  Ha!  And today, assuming my energy levels stay up, I’m organizing all of the closets in the house!  Maybe I’ll even scrub the kitchen floor!  I am totally nesting.  Wow. 

Okay, long post, will shut up and clean.  Oh, and I’ll post pictures of the blankets I’m making.  They are ADORABLE!


4 Responses to “Midwife Appointment”

  1. Katrina Says:

    very excited to see new pics of the blanket. Wish I was crafty like that. My kids have to deal with blankets from everyone but their own mother. Chalk it to one more thing I need to learn. Life is way too short. Glad everything is going so well. I know exactly how you feel. I had to do that exact same thing with both Cecely and Bailey. Luckily with Cecely Cori was there to watch my girls and I watched Kyla for her. I know it’s not fun, but it’s so reassuring to know your baby is healthy. Good luck on the home shopping front. Let me know of any new prospects!!


  2. lvjensen75 Says:

    Good luck with these last few moments of your pregnancy! I hope that you will really enjoy them! I love having two children. It’s so much fun (although physically exhausting at times!). Glad you love your midwife so much. That’s awesome. Sounds like you’re a crafty girl ~ that’s great! I would love to see pictures of the blankets.

  3. emmakirst Says:

    I bet the blankets are gorgeous.
    I’m glad you love your midwife so much, we don’t have that option here in CB, it’s just not passed yet. I can’t believe you only have about 8 weeks left, time is flying!

  4. whimsicalchaos Says:

    I hope you find a house soon… I was totally in your shoes when I was pregnant with lore… no house and NST all the time etc… but never had that nesting stuff… thank goodness… i hate to clean lol…

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