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Happy Valentine’s Day! (Ode to my Husband) February 14, 2008

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I will be one of the first to say that I hate how commercialized Valentine’s Day is.  While I think it is great to have a special day to show your loved ones that you love them, I hate how commercialized it all has to be.  Brian and I have never been big gift givers to each other and we just think it can be silly to spend so much money on each other in one day — why not show it throughout the year?  So, that’s how my hubby is and I love him for it.  He will randomly show up with flowers throughout the year for no reason at all.  He tells me he loves me every day.  He shows me he loves me every day by simply getting up and going to work so I can stay home with Harrison.  He takes out the garbage and deals with the kitty litter.  He plays with Harrison and pretty much deals with him as soon as he gets home and he never complains about it.  I don’t always ask him, some days I’ve had a bad day with Harrison and he just knows it and takes Harrison for a walk.  He is the best!  I know I don’t tell him enough that I love him and appreciate EVERYTHING he does. 

14 Reasons I love my Husband

1.  He is hot 🙂

2.  He is smart

3.  He is an amazing Dad

4.  He is strong in faith and spirituality

5.  He loves me despite all of my craziness

6.  He understands me

7.  He shares the same goals and dreams as I do

8.  He is cute when he sleeps 🙂

9.  He makes me feel safe

10.He supports me in all of my ventures, crazy or not

11. He makes me laugh all the time

12. He can cook

13. He is just a gentle guy, but strong at the same time

14. He listens

Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!  Enjoy the pics and video!

We decorated a wall in our dining room for Brian 🙂  It was fun!


 Here is Harrison colouring the hearts for the wall!



One Response to “Happy Valentine’s Day! (Ode to my Husband)”

  1. Kiki Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to my punky little buddy.

    and his mom and dad, too!

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