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NSTs continued… February 15, 2008

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Well, I just got off the phone with my insurance.  They said that because I am seeing a specialist, which I’m seeing two right now, there is a $40 copay every time I see them, diagnostic or drs visit.  I need to talk to my midwife’s office and see if they are actually charging me for them or not.  I really don’t think they are but the GD doctor’s office is.  So no luck there.  But I did find out that we do have pharmaceutical coverage that I didn’t know about and diabetic supplies are covered.  That would have been nice to know.  Anyway, I’ve only paid for one round of supplies and I’m heading out today to get more, so that’s good news there

That’s the update there.

Oh, and I had another NST yesterday and the numbers were a little crazy again so I had to have another ultrasound.  Everything was fine.  I had Harrison’s stroller this time which was MUCH better!  Anyway, I’m only 3 weeks away from the weight ultrasound that will probably determine whether we do a VBAC or another C-section.

I had a great chat yesterday with my midwife and she said her and my other midwife would still really like to see me try a VBAC if I’m comfortable with that.  They said we will just monitor the baby’s weight and she thinks even at 8 pounds I would have better luck than trying to push out baby elephant Harrison at 10, 7.  She said I shouldn’t rule out the VBAC yet, and I was glad to hear that.  Brian and I have been a bit torn on whether we should just schedule the C-section or not.  With the move and family coming it would be easier to just schedule a C-section, but I REALLY want to do a natural birth if I can.  So as it stands I’m still going to try for the VBAC.  The baby is abouyt 5, 7 right now and while the midwife said that is a plenty healthy sign right now she didn’t say she thinks I will have another 10 pounder. 

Anyway, that’s all from here.

Oh, and I’m having a really bad day.  Ever think you should have just stayed in bed?  Good little Harrison has been great to just play by himself for a while while mommy collects herself.  It started with him coming into my room at 6:30.  Too early!  And then I needed to take a bath when I got up, I’m just nauseous today.  I also think my TMJ is back in full force, which wouldn’t surprise me since with a new baby and a new house coming in the next couple of weeks, I’m sure I’m stressed!  Yesterday I picked up a couple of balloons to decorate for Valentine’s Day, well Harrison grabbed them and pulled them right into the fan which was going — that was a mess!  And then he dumped over my water all over me.  I have had better days.

I hope everyone else had a great Valentine’s Day and is having a better day than me!


2 Responses to “NSTs continued…”

  1. Jenne Says:

    Hi Devynn, I’m delurking for a moment to let you know that you have an alternative to a scheduled c-section. A cold section, (a c-section where they don’t let you go into labour) can sometimes result in the baby having wet lung, because the act of labour causes hormonal changes in the baby that aids in the absobtions of the fluid in their lungs, so they can better take their first breath. If they don’t experience the uterus contracting they sometimes have a harder time absorbing that fluid after birth. But if it decided the baby is too big to do a VBAC, talk to your doc/midwife about allowing you to go into labour, prior to the c-section, so that your baby has the benefits that come from contractions, as long as they still feel it’s safe for the baby. It’s just my thoughts, I’m a Neonatal nurse and just want you to know another option.

  2. Jen Says:

    Don’t lose hope! I had a home VBAC to a ‘big baby’ and it was easier, less painful, and resulted in a faster recovery than my cesarean. My big baby was 9 lb, 10 oz and while labor was hard work, it was totally worth it. You can read my birth story at http://www.vbacfacts.com/hbacbirth.
    Best of luck with your decision!

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