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Possession… February 18, 2008

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Well, we take possession of the house on Friday — CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?  I have been whining so much on this blog as of late about not having a house and I will have one on FRIDAY!  I did the inspection today and it went really well.  The guy was thorough but fast.  He said they only go this fast when the property is in great condition. 

He came HIGHLY recommended.  His termite guy came out and did a termite inspection.  The termite inspection did show some dry-wood termites and some dry rot.  The dry rot is all on the outside of the house as is technincally under the condo association’s watch.  I will be sending them a letter as soon as we move in about getting it fixed.  The termites he didn’t seem worried about.  He just said to get them treated, which we will next week, and he said we will be fine.  He said it is something you can almost expect in Florida.  We are also going to do some pest control through him.  He said there were a couple of spiders and some ants, nothing major, but I don’t want them around my house so I want to get them treated.  He said there was absolutely no sign of roaches — THANK GOODNESS!

The inspector found a few minor things like lights that were burnt out and the washer fills slowly.  Nothing major and nothing we can’t fix. 

Anyway, we are very excited.  That’s it from here!


7 Responses to “Possession…”

  1. Shauna Says:

    Wow..that was FAST!
    Good Luck with the move, the baby, an all!
    We moved to our first house when our second child was due in 8 weeks….. fun times!

  2. Kiki Says:

    Can you hear me screaming WOO HOO all the way from Virginia?

    Congrats, Dev!

  3. Chas Says:

    Yay! That’s great news!!

  4. Sandra Says:

    So, uh is this going to interfere with picking us up Friday? lol.. that’s so funny how this all happened at once. 🙂

  5. Jen the Mom Says:

    That’s awesome Devynn! Congratulations! I’m so happy you’ll have your own place again!

  6. whimsicalchaos Says:

    WHOOP that is awesome… is that the one from the photos? I am so excited for ya!

  7. Katrina Says:

    yeah!! That is so wonderful. Your baby will have a new house to come home to. That is so fabulous!!


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