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34 week picture February 22, 2008

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We were literally running out the door when I had Brian snap this.  Not the best shot, but you get the idea.  I am really starting to get to the I-just-want-to-have-this-baby-and-stop-being-so-huge stage of the pregnancy.  We just need to get into the house and I’ll be a happy camper! 

Three weeks and they will do an ultrasound for weight and size to determine whether or not they want me to do a C-section.  Midwife and I are still pushing for a VBAC.  Enjoy! (Ignore the caption on the first one.  It should read 34 weeks — oops!)



3 Responses to “34 week picture”

  1. Chas Says:

    You look great!

  2. Katrina Says:

    You look fabulous. I know what you mean about being done with pregnancy and wanting the baby here. I always feel like I am having a baby that weighs 12 pounds or more, but they come out weighing 7 pounds and some ounces. I can’t imagine actually having a baby that big. Harrison is so dang cute. He will be an incredible big bro. Do you know what hospital you are going too? I had Cecely at Wellington Regional.


  3. harrisonandmommy Says:

    I’m delivering at St. Mary’s. They have the best NICU, so I’m told, so I’m glad to be going there just in case. Harrison spent a short time in the NICU after he was born with some breathing problems. Hopefully this baby doesn’t have to go there too, but just in case!

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