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Updates! February 28, 2008

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On the baby front:

I went to the midwife today.  Everything looks good.  I have actually lost a pound 🙂  Fabulous!  The baby HATES having the monitors on my stomach so we were unable to get a reading for the NST so I had to have an ultrasound.  Baby is totally fine and moving 24/7 — I swear it doesn’t sleep!  Midwife is still very hopeful we can do a VBAC with this one, despite the GD.  I still hate my GD doctor, hopefully I won’t have to see her much.  The weight/size ultrasound is on March 13th, and that will help us determine more.

On the Harrison front:

He is the MOST handsome boy on the face of the planet 🙂  But you already knew that 😉  His bronchiolitis is finally gone 🙂  I took him to the pediatrician the other day and they prescribed a different drug that seems to have done the trick.  He is learning his numbers and we are very excited about that. 

On the house front:

You don’t even want to get me started.  😦  The bank has approved us.  The condo association has approved us.  We have house insurance in place.  The bank, though, needs proof that the 5% we are putting down is our own money and not borrowed money.  It is coming from a mutual fund in Canada.  Anyway, I can’t even tell you how frustrating this all is.  It seems like I spend my days jumping through hoops for the stupid bank.  I feel like I want to walk away from it because it is getting so frustrating, but I can’t because (a) I need a place to live; (b) I REALLY like the house; (c) We have invested enough money into it that we can’t get back that they have us by the…um…tail? 

It was not NEAR this hard in Canada when we bought our house.  In fact, I think we met with the bank twice and the lawyer once and that was it.  You would think in a declining market, like Florida is, that they would want to encourage not discourage people with excellent credit, a steady job, proof of income and a down payment to invest in the market.  But noooooooooo they are all dumb.  I know that because of all of the foreclosures going on they are skeptical about lending money, but seriously, people, if only millionaires are able to invest in the market you are going to have a hard time getting this market to increase in value considering there are more middle class people than millionaires out there.

Okay, that’s my rant. 

In other exciting news:  I bought a pattern to make a quilt — shocking!  It is too cute and I really want to learn how to make quilts.  My mother is totally rubbing off on me! She is a quilt making machine and does AMAZING work.  I thought I would try my hand at it.  Especially because Jo-Ann’s has a LOT of fabric on sale right now I thought I could get a good deal.

Here is the quilt pattern I bought :  http://web.mac.com/cjroskelley/Thimble_Blossoms/Thimble_Blossoms_Home/Entries/2007/4/28_PRIMARY_QUILT.html

If this one is successful, here is the next one I want to make: http://web.mac.com/cjroskelley/Thimble_Blossoms/Thimble_Blossoms_Home/Entries/2007/6/13_Babydoll.html

I’m sure making a quilt is WAY too ambitious of me, but I really want to try. I’ll let you know how it goes!


5 Responses to “Updates!”

  1. jessie Says:

    So where did you stumble on Camille’s quilt patterns? She is one of my sister’s good friends from Las Vegas. The quilt that I did for Emmy was her Bloom Pattern! They are all so cute. I am surprised that you were able to choose any. Good luck! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    ohhh there is this awesome fabric store up by me that teaches quilt making… you would love it… they have the most amazing stuff!

  3. Katrina Says:

    I need to learn those skills too. I feel like I should know how to do those things by now. Sorry about the house!! I am sure though that when you are in it and settled it will be worth it. Have you guys started packing??

  4. harrisonandmommy Says:

    We haven’t started packing since we haven’t officially closed on the house yet. It is killing me. At least half of our stuff is in the garage already packed from our last move since we knew we wouldn’t be here permanently. It shouldn’t be too bad. But then again, I’ll let you know what I think after I am finished 🙂

    Katrina, there is always time to learn “those skills” 🙂

  5. Shauna Says:

    Frustrating for sure! I hope the house process speeds up for you this week!

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