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My project for today. March 4, 2008

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Tonight is New Beginnings for our Young Women.  This is where we welcome new girls coming into the program.  This is one of the gifts we are giving them.  It is a cookie bouquet.  This took a LOT more time and effort than I anticipated.  Thankfully I only had to make three. I have to be there in 2 hours.  I’m barely ready! 



3 Responses to “My project for today.”

  1. whimsicalchaos Says:

    oh that is sooo cute! How many did Harrison eat lol…

  2. Grandma Kay Says:

    SO cute (or Tute)

  3. Shauna Says:

    Oh my… they are so cute and I forgot to give Marquelle the pan!!!!
    Love these flowers!!!!!

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