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Our luck… March 12, 2008

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Our luck, I’ll go into labour today since I got all of an hour of sleep last night, and that’s an hour more than Brian got.  Harrison doesn’t want me when he is sick.  He only wants his Daddy.  His fever broke at around 4:45.  And he has been awake before and after that.  He hasn’t really slept much, but more than us for sure.  I. am. exhausted.  Poor Brian has to work today.  I’m going to strip wallpaper and work on the new house.  I can’t take Harrison anywhere since I want to make sure he isn’t sick at all before I do.  Anyway, this is a super whiney post.  I am SO sorry they have all been that way as of late.  I am just glad Harrison is better, a LOT better, than he was.

By the way, I typed this entire post with my eyes closed.  If there are mistakes…oops.


2 Responses to “Our luck…”

  1. Chas Says:

    Hopefully, the baby will hold off just a bit longer and let you get rested.

  2. Amanda Says:

    tag your it, check out my blog to see the rules. sure hope that harrison is feeling better!

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