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Harrison update March 13, 2008

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We ended up taking Harrison to the pediatric office that is open late (it is NO WHERE near where we live, by the way) but it was worth the drive.  I got to see the pediatrician that I love.  Harrison just has a REALLY sore throat and an infection in his throat.  Poor dude.  The doctor said it didn’t look like Strep but it could be so he took a sample and the initial rapid test came back negative — thankfully.  He said just to do the fluids and Motrin.  Last night Harrison slept in his room all night — woo hoo!  We actually got some sleep.  Well, I got as much sleep as a pregnant lady that has to pee 50,000 times a night does. 

In a few hours we are off to the midwife’s office.  I also have my ultrasound appointment for size and weight and my appointment with my GD doctor.  I will let you all know how these go. (if you care…lol, which I’m guessing you do since my blog hits are almost 100 a day LOL).


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