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I am running out of blog titles… March 15, 2008

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Harrison is still sick.  He gets much worse at night, as the doctor predicted.  Poor little man.  He started throwing up around 7 this evening.  He only threw up once, thankfully.  He is still coughing/gagging a lot.  He is asleep in my bed right now and Brian is asleep in Harrison’s bed.  I’ll sleep with Harrison again just because I’m worried he will throw up and choke on it.  He is fine during the day, just his typical self with a little cough.  Whoever invented the Tylenol that is in chewable form was a GENIUS!

I talked with my midwife’s nurse today, but wasn’t able to talk to the midwife.  I will call again tomorrow to see what is up.  I don’t want to wait until my appointment next week to find out what is going on and I shouldn’t have to.

The house is going well.  Brian and I just got home from the house.  Lucky for us, Brian’s Uncle Phil paints professionally for a living and has been doing so for 42 years — woo hoo!  He is great.  He had almost the entire main floor of the house first-coat painted in under 2 hours.  CRAZY.  He is SO good.  We will owe him and his wife dinner every week for the next 10 years!  Brian almost finished all of the stripping of the wallpaper.  We are getting really close to everything being ready to paint.  The master bedroom/bath, Harrison’s room and the kitchen and 1/2 bath are all ready to paint.  The nursery isn’t ready to paint and we have decided to wait until the baby arrives to paint it.  The baby isn’t sleeping in that room right away anyway, so I’m not worried about the fumes.

So as Uncle Phil was finishing painting I got looking at the colour, which I LOVE!  And I made the comment, “Of course I love this colour, it is milk chocolate brown!  Great, now I’m going to be craving chocolate ALL the time!”  The colour is SO fabulous!  I’m so excited about it.  I can’t wait to post pictures of the finished house!  I can’t believe how different it is going to look 🙂  We also ordered/paid for the carpet this evening.  I should know when it is being installed tomorrow or the next day. 

Well, that’s all from here.  I think this was a bit more uplifting post than I’ve been writing lately! 


2 Responses to “I am running out of blog titles…”

  1. Chas Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Harrison still isn’t well.

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    Wow poor little guy… he really has to be tired of puking lol… but I am so excited about the house for ya… just make sure you don’t over do it… I did and man did I hurt for days afterwards… being pregnant and trying to pack and stuff is for the birds… but I really can’t wait for the photos… btw.. I hope you have a girl… hehehe…

    and oh yeah… Jeremy’s aunt had 3 c-sections and the doc said she could of had 2 more kids without any issues and that was years and years ago… so 5 kids instead of 10 wouldn’t be so bad… hehehe… hugs have a great rest of the weekend!

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