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Another update March 17, 2008

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I spoke with the midwife today and told her I want to either have this baby Thursday or Saturday, so if she could talk to the doctor and see which one works, that would be great.  She didn’t say no, which is a good start.  She did say that they might want to do an amnio because it isn’t 39 weeks yet, but that is something to be discussed with me and the doctor.  So she is going to call me back as soon as she knows more.  She said she is at the hospital today delivering babies, but as soon as she knows she’ll call me.  Also, she said if I don’t hear from her by tomorrow night to call her cell.  That is all I know right now on the baby front.

I spent the morning at the house organizing the mess that was there and, yes, I did do some painting.  I wore a mask, though, so don’t hate me and tell me what a bad mommy-to-be I am.  Thankfully Brian’s cousin’s wife watched Harrison for me so I managed to be very productive.  I’ve got another one of Brian’s cousins watching Harrison tonight so we can go over and get some more work done.  I keep forgetting to take before and afters, but I will remember today.

That’s it for now. 


One Response to “Another update”

  1. Katrina Says:

    I have been dying for pics of the new house!! That is so fun. Maybe you can give me some cute ideas for decorating my girls room!!!

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