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Wanna play? March 19, 2008

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Okay, it’s that time…time to guess the sex, weight and length of this baby!  Here is some history to help.  My first baby, Harrison, was born at 40 weeks and 6 days.  He was 10 lbs, 7 ounces and 21 inches long. 

What do you think the sex of this baby is?  How big? How long?  We all know the date, so that doesn’t count as part of the game!

Oh, and whoever gets the closest, I’ll send a little something vinyl-lettering related.

Mommy goes first!

A girl, 11 lbs, 10 ounces, 21.5 inches long.


19 Responses to “Wanna play?”

  1. Chas Says:

    I’m definitely going with boy, only b/c it seems that everyone I know that has had babies this big have been boys.

    So, boy, 11 lb. 15 oz., 22 inches long

  2. jessie Says:

    My guess probably a girl, but I don’t think she will be more than 10 lbs so I guess 9lb 14 oz, and 20 inches.

  3. paige Says:

    Oh how fun!

    boy, 10lbs 10oz, 21.5 inches long.

    Good luck!

  4. Valerie Johnson Says:

    A GIRL! and this may aound big but… 11 lbs 7oz.`22 in long…

    Eric adds his thoughts… a BOY….11lbs 4 oz 21 in long…

    Both of us love you and wish you the best for a speedy recovery!

  5. Katrina Says:

    Okay I am going to guess a girl and say that she is going to be 10 pounds 11 ounces. Tell me about the vinyl lettering thing? What is it?


  6. emmakirst Says:

    Ok, my guess is a boy, 11lb 2oz. 21.5inches long. I think he’ll be bald and big blue eyes and look a lot like Harrison.

  7. Jamie Says:

    10 pounds 15 oz, 21.25 inches girl

  8. Leah H. Says:

    A girl…..10 pounds 3 ozs. 21.5 inches

  9. Jen the Mom Says:

    11 lbs. 4 oz.
    25 1/2 in. long

  10. janet Says:

    I am guessing a boy. 10 lbs 5 oz and 21 inches long.

  11. alyson Says:

    I’m guessing a girl
    10lbs 7oz and 20 1/4 inches long

  12. Shauna Says:

    Boy, 11lbs. 2oz., 21. 5 inches long.
    Born on March 25!!!!!
    Lots of dark hair!

  13. Shauna Says:

    Oops. I see my stat is already guessed, so here is my revised guess.
    Boy, 11lbs. 4 oz. 21.5 inched long
    Born on March 25.
    Lots of Dark Hair.

  14. Co Says:

    girl, 11 pounds even, 21 inches.

  15. Sandra Says:

    Girl.. i’m going smaller… 9 lbs 15 oz, 20 inches. ya never know!

  16. Sharon Says:

    I wish you were having a girl, but my gut tells me it is a boy. 10 lbs, 1 oz, 20.5 inches. Good luck – enjoy your last weekend!!!

  17. Amanda Says:

    Happy thoughts coming from Calgary! My guess will be a girl coming in at 8lbs 12oz and 20 inches. Sure hope everything goes well and make sure you get lots of rest. Speaking from experience here, DON’T DO TO MUCH!!!

  18. whimsicalchaos Says:

    Well 2nd babies are always bigger… so I am going 11 pounds 4oz and 22.5 inches long…

    And I am hoping that you have a girl…

  19. Devynn Says:

    Ooops, Shannon, you voted the same as Jenthemom. Want to change yours?


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