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We exist… April 30, 2008

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Wow…life with two is WAY harder than just one!  I think we are starting to figure life out.  This is my fourth time trying to write this lol.

They are both sleeping right now, so I’m going to try and get this updated!

Sterling is a great baby.  He only cries when he is hungry or getting his diaper changed or has gas.  Nursing isn’t going as well as it was.  I’m not producing enough milk anymore, so he nurses for a few minutes and then gets fussy becaus there just isn’t anything in there, so I end up giving him formula.  Poor guy.  I am going to call the lactation consultant today.

He sleeps from 12:30 to 4:30 and then until 7:30 or 8:00, so I’m doing pretty good for sleep.  He still sleeps in his carseat (thanks Jamie and Sharon for that little tip!)  He will nap in his crib in the morning for his morning nap, but that’s about it.  We are working on it.

Harrison is still doing really well.  He still likes to help “terling” as he calls him.  Harrison also talks NONSTOP.  He is speaking in sentences and it is so fun to hear things like “I can’t reach it.”  “I need help, please.”  He is a good little guy.

Our house is slowly getting together.  The main floor is pretty much done, except the kitchen and bathroom need more paint, but it is look really good.  Harrison’s room is almost done.  We are getting there.

Here are Sterling’s 1-month stats.  The doctor says he is doing really well.

This was on April 25th, Sterlin’s one-month birthday.

Weight:  13 lbs, 14 ounces

Height: 23 inches

Head: 15.5 inches

He is wearing size 3-9 month clothes, depending on the brand.  Well, I would love to post pictures, but I have to have a URL for them, so that means I have to post them to my website first and then link to them — HOW STUPID.  Any other ideas? 



I feel really good.


The Birth Story April 17, 2008

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This won’t be as exciting as most since it was a scheduled C-section, but here it is nonetheless!

Brian and I went to Babies R Us that morning to pick up a few last-minute things.  My dad and Brian did some moving that morning into the new house.  Then at 11:30 a.m. Brian and I headed to the hospital.  I was sad to leave Harrison.  I haven’t spent a night away from him other than having Sterling, so it was hard.  We were also totally excited to meet our new little family member.

So we got to the hospital at around noon and I was admitted.  Then they hooked me up to the monitors and we waited.  The doctor came in and chatted with us quite a bit actually.  We were her only C-section that afternoon, so we had a good chat with her.  That two hours until the C-section took FOREVER.  Brian went and ate and I hung out waiting for the C-section.  He returned just in time for them to take me to the OR.  So into the OR I went and I left Brian outside to get him geared up while they did my spinal.  Here is the really only interesting part of all of the birth story, the spinal.

So I met the anesthesiologist, he was this big Tongan-looking dude.  He was super funny and I felt totally comfortable with him doing the spinal.  Some may know that with Harrison I didn’t have an epidural because the thought of someone putting something into my spine TOTALLY freaks me out.  Well, I ended up with a C-section with Harrison, so I think that fear had subsided some by the time it came for this C-section.

So I’m talking to the anesthesiologist the whole time and then it comes time to start the spinal.  All of a sudden a girl starts talking to me and saying “okay, so you are going to feel me do this and do that.”  Okay, so I think she is just his assistant?  Nope, I was wrong.  She couldn’t get the tube in the right spot and I kept feeling it.  Finally the guy came over and it took him a milisecond and it was in.  I HAD A STUDENT!  I guess I forgot about the paper I signed saying it was a teaching hospital and I would allow people to work on me?  Anyway, I survived.

The worst part of it all was I convulsed through most of it.  Every time they would push on me to get the baby out I would gag.  It was awful.  In fact, I was convulsing in the recovery room too.  It went away eventually, but it really wasn’t fun.

So that night they had Sterling in our room and they told us that he was spitting up ad lot because they didn’t suction him very well.  Well, he wasn’t just spitting up, he was choking on it.  So every 5 minutes, that’s not an exaggeration, Brian was over checking on Sterling and suctioning him out.  So after about an hour or two I called the nurse and asked her to take Sterling into the nursery so nurses that are trained to take care of this could watch him and Brian and I could get some sleep.  I got Sterling back at about 6 a.m. and he ahd stopped spitting up by then.

Thankfully we had lots of family around to watch Harrison and play with him. 

I would love to post pictures, but I have to figure out how with the new WordPress stuff…


We are alive…I think… April 11, 2008

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Hello, all!  We are slowly coming back to the real world here.  My parents left last night 😦  So today is my first day alone with the boys and I get to take Sterling to the hospital to get his hearing rechecked since he didn’t pass the hearing test in the hospital.  I’m sure our first outing will be interesting!  I promsie I will do a birth story when I have more time.  I just thought I’d let you all know we are alive.

Sterling’s schedule consists of eating every 2-3 hours.  He isn’t letting me get any sleep at night because he won’t let me lay him down in his bassinett.  He wants to be held at night.  This is not working well for me.  And I don’t want to hear anyone telling me how awful I am that I would dare hold him and get him into that habit.  I need him to sleep and that is the only way he will do it at night right now.  I will let you know how that goes later.  I am REALLY tired now all the time, but I anticipated this would happen! 

Harrison is a GREAT big brother.  Helping me get diapers and wipes and pacifiers for Sterling.  He is doing so well! 

Okay, I was going to post pictures, but I have two stinky diapers to change.  Oh, and, yes, we are going to be potty training soon…


Sterling’s Blessing April 3, 2008

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We decided to bless Sterling on Sunday because both sets of Grandparents were here.  Originally we were planning on blessing him the first Sunday in May, but it worked out better this way because everyone was here.  I’m bummed that we didn’t get to do a big to-do this time, and I love to put things like that on, but it worked out best this way for everyone. 

Here are some pictures from that day.  Can you believe we didn’t even get a family picture that day?  I’m so sad about it.  We left right after the blessing on Sunday as I didn’t want to be bombarded by everyone wanting to hold and touch him (germaphobe!).  Brian is in the Bishopric so he was gone to church before we were ready and he had to stay for church and by the time he got home I was napping and so were there boys and we never got around to putting our church clothes back on for pictures.  I’m so sad.  Anyway, here are a few pictures from that day.




blessing2.jpgPROUD MOMMY (I still look huge…but I had only had Sterling 5 days earlier!)



FINALLY April 2, 2008

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We have internet!!!!!Here is a post of pictures for you all!








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On blackberry again. Internet not working yet at new house.
Sterling weighed in at 11 pounds today. He has a touch of jaundice but his numbers have been going down.
Harrison LOVES his little brother and gives him lots of loves and kisses.
I think I have a spinal headache, more on that later.
Sterling is going to bed at around 11 pm and sleeping until 430 and eating and then gets up again around 630 or 700. He is a really great baby.
Internet should be up tomorrow. Thanks for all the congrats!