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FINALLY April 2, 2008

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We have internet!!!!!Here is a post of pictures for you all!







12 Responses to “FINALLY”

  1. alyson Says:

    Do you now think your little Harrison is a giant? When I had Ethan, my little blow average boy, Dakota, looked so huge.

    Devynn he is very cute. Enjoy being a mom of two boys it really is great.

  2. Sharon Says:

    How cute! I’m happy he is being such a gentleman for you and letting you rest/recover. I think he looks more like you than Harrison did.

  3. Leah H. Says:

    Awwww….he is really cute!
    Great pictures! I really love the one of you holding him. And the ones of all your boys. Adorable!

  4. Paige Says:

    He is adorable and looks like you! Give that handsome little dude a kiss on the for head from me.

  5. Kristi Says:

    Hi Guys…. what a handsome little fellow. I know you are relieved to have him here and be in your new house.. You guys have a lot to look forward to.. Congratulations on a job well done! He’s beautiful!

  6. Heather King Says:

    Congratulations again! He’s ADORBALE, you all are!

  7. jessie Says:

    Yeah!! pictures of my new nephew! He is adorable. Can’t wait to see him in person, but by then he might be all grown up. 😦

  8. Kiki Says:

    Sweetheart… I do believe this one cooked up just right! 😉 Absolutely adorable!

  9. Sandra Says:

    awww! I just wanna squeeze those cheekies! lol…

  10. Grandma K Says:

    I love the picture of Harrison checking out what Grandma is holding……….and of course all the rest, too..

  11. whimsicalchaos Says:

    awww he is just too cute… he is really a beautiful baby!!

  12. Chas Says:


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