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Sorry!!!!! May 26, 2008

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Okay, everyone, I’m SO sorry I haven’t posted.  Here is what’s going on:

Harrison turns 2 tomorrow.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  I can’t.  We are going to get his 2-year pictures done tomorrow.  Yes, I’m a professional photographer, but I just find it easier to go somewhere now.  We are loving a place called Studio One-to-One.  He also gets his 2-year check-up tomorrow.  I guess he gets a prick on his finger the dr said.  Harrison is talking up a storm.  It is so cute.  I need to get him on video talking.  He loves his “little bruder terling” (Little Brother Sterling).  Harrison is so smart too it is amazing.  Of course every mom thinks that, but really, he is smart!

Sterling turned 2 months yesterday.  Can you believe that?  I can’t!  I swear I got out of the hospital only last week.  He has pretty much got his days and nights figured out.  We have the odd night where he is up in the middle of it, but he is doing really well.  He has found his hands and loves to suck on his fingers.  He is trying to roll over but hasn’t done it yet.  He is really starting to ‘talk’ more too and it is so cute!  Love it!

Why haven’t I blogged in so long?  Okay, I’m launching a new business website, so I’ve been working on that.  It will be up tonight so check it out www.dbimages.ca.  That has taken me quite a while to do.  Also, we are trying to figure out ways to get more business for the photography business, so we have been focusing on that.

They released me as Young Womens President a week ago from yesterday, so that has been a bitter/sweet event.  I miss the Young Women, but I love being able to focus on my boys more.  So I spent two weeks ago getting everything ready to give to the new YW President.

And, well, we have just been trying to adjust to two!  It is SO fun.  I love it!  Okay, here are some pictures for you.

I took this yesterday — isn’t he the cutest baby boy ever?

Poor Brian is so tired from working.  Here he still in his work clothes and he and Sterling are asleep.

Yup, more sleeping daddy and Sterling!  This is a common sight around here!

Some of you may remember we have a picture of Harrison sleeping with Inde, well, here is Sterling and Inde.

Big Brother Harrison!  Cheese!


5 Responses to “Sorry!!!!!”

  1. Chas Says:

    Happy Birthday, Harrison!!

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    happy birthday little man…

    Jeremy used to sleep a lot like that with Lorelei and i just loved it!

    I am glad things are going well… and I will be checking out your photos site soon… back to cleaning for me… pout!

  3. Kiki Says:

    My favorite little boy in the whole world is TWO! 16 more years and I’m totally gonna divorce Steve and marry that little spiky haired kid. TOTALLY.

  4. Jeniece Says:

    Cute pictures.

    I’m sure it’s a bit of a relief (time wise) to not have to deal with YW anymore.
    So…. when you got the stuff ready for the new YW president, did that include the police reports and victim impact statements? Kidding (sort of).

  5. Grandma K Says:

    I like the blanket in the close up of Sterling. Not to mention all the cute pictures!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see them again.

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