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Mr. Harrison is 2!! May 30, 2008

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Well, Harrison’s actual birthday wasn’t very exciting.  Brian had to work and then had to be at the church until late.  We did manage to get in about half an hour on the webcam with the Grandmas and Grandpas while he opened their presents.  We got him a little pool with a slide for outside but we haven’t had a chance to open it and show it to him yet.  Tomorrow was supposed to be his birthday party with his friends but he has a super runny nose and we don’t like to share our germs so I had to cancel his party.  Hopefully we can do it next week or the week after.

Here are his stats from his 2-year check-up.  He is just over 25 lbs and he is 36″.  While in the doctor’s office the doctor, who we just LOVE, asked if Harrison was starting to put words together.  Right at that moment he says “I can’t reach it.”  I said to the dr, “Does that answer your question?” LOL.  He is so smart it is crazy.  He is speaking in sentences for the most part and it is so fun to hear.  He can count to 5 and almost all the way to 10 but he won’t do it for anyone but me.  He likes to sing Popcorn Popping and he likes to sing his “CBs” (ABCs).  He will tell you how old he is and he says his name if you ask him.  Although, he is hard to understand when he says his name.  He says “Sisson” and Sterling is “Terling”. 

He is so much fun to play with and watch him learn new things.  I love it.  And dang he is getting cuter by the day!  I still can’t believe I have a 2 year old!  Here is his 2-year-old picture!  The studio wants to use it in their promotional materials — fine with me!  🙂


7 Responses to “Mr. Harrison is 2!!”

  1. Leah H. Says:

    Happy Birhtday to Harrison!!!
    I understand why they want to use this picture….it is adorable!
    He looks like he would be lots of fun!

    Can’t wait to see baby brother pictures!

  2. Jeniece Says:

    I LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! So cute! I’d use it too.

  3. Sharon Says:

    That picture is too cute. I can just see him doing that too – seems to fit his personality perfectly!

  4. Shauna Says:

    Happy Birthday!
    What a thoughtful mom and friend to not share your germs…even if you had to cancel a Birthday Party!
    He is adorable

  5. Chas Says:

    Happy Birthday, Harrison! That’s a great picture!!

  6. Katrina Says:

    What a cutie!! I am so glad that he is getting better! Isn’t fun when they start talking in sentences. Oh he is getting so big!!!


  7. Marie Says:

    That is an amazingly cute picture! No wonder they want to use it!

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