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Sleeping… June 17, 2008

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Sterling slept from 12 to 7 last night!  And he had a quick drink and went back to sleep!  I gotta say that I really enjoy sleep 🙂  Of course I’m hoping this is the beginning of a trend, but I’m not holding my breath 🙂

Father’s Day was okay.  Brian doesn’t really get into Father’s Day, so we didn’t really do much special.

Yesterday I went to a playgroup and it was great to meet normal mommies!  I found them at www.meetup.com it is a great site to meet people in groups that are interested in the same things as you.  I run a photography group from there and I found the mommies group there.  We had fun!  Harrison made some friends.  There was a little girl there born the same day as Sterling.  She was almost 11 lbs yesterday.  Her mom couldn’t believe they were born the same day.  Sterling is almost 17 lbs.

I have a new calling in church.  I am 1st Counselor in the Relief Society, which, to those who aren’t Mormon, that will sound weird.  The Relief Society is our women’s organization for just us women.  I am just going to be helping in the organization and running of it.  I am in charge of education.

Harrison was in nursery at church on Sunday and they had substitute teachers in there and both of the teachers came up to me separately afterwards to tell me how polite Harrison is!  Woooo hoooo!  All of that work on pleases and thank-yous is working.  They said he also cleaned up all the time and just was a great kid!  Yes!  At the mommies group yesterday the moms were saying the same thing about him.  And now that I think about it…he does say pleasek, thank you and your welcome more than any other kid I’ve heard his age.  I just drill it into him.  He doesn’t do anything without saying this properly.  Also, Brian and I have always made a point even before having kids of making sure we say please and thank you to each other — it may sound silly, but we don’t want to get out of the habit and take things for granted, and we wanted our kids to be polite.  It’s working!

Oh, and on Sunday after the first prayer Harrison finished it with a VERY loud resounding “Amennnnnnnnnn” everyone laughed…I’m sure I turned red.  He loves to say prayers and can almost say his night time prayers by himself, he just needs a little help, and he always loves the “amen” part, but this was way too loud and rambunctious!  It’s a good thing he is so cute!

Hmmm…that’s it from here!  I was going to end with pictures but I don’t know where I put my camera!  Oh well!


Life… June 5, 2008

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I am SO enjoying being a mom of two.  They both get cuter by the day.  I am finally managing two almost as well as I was handling one!  It is way harder, but it is worth all of the smiles I get and the giggles from both of them.  At about 10:30 at night Sterling is wide awake and VERY talkative.  He loves to giggle, smile and chat with Brian and I.  It is such a precious time just the three of us.  Harrison cherishes his mommy and daddy time too.  He LOVES to follow daddy around no matter what daddy is doing.  And while I’m in the kitchen making dinner he has to play at my feet.  I am learning to cook/bake whilst dodging tupperware and Hot Wheels.  Harrison is getting so smart it is fun.  We are going to the zoo this afternoon and I can’t wait to hear all he has to say about the animals.  He is great with Sterling.  If Sterling needs his sucky Harrison is the first one to run over and give it to him.  He is so funny “Terling…I’m coming…sucky”.

We still can’t believe we have two sometimes.  It is crazy. 

One big thing…pun inttended…that I’m working on is losing baby weight.  I’ve lost all of my Sterling weight.  I didn’t lose my Harrison weight though before I got pregnant with Sterling.  I know this is a battle that a lot of women have and I’m not going to whine all over my blog about it.  This is just my blog, my life, and this is something going on right now in my life.  I am LOVING my Wii.Fit and I’m trying to go on walks with the boys.  Today we will be walking around the zoo all afternoon and I’m looking forward to that.  It is eating that is the problem, I think.  It seems that I hardly eat anything during most of the day and then from about 3:00 on I eat.  And then I keep eating.  Well, I’m sure most of you don’t care about this, but this will plague me for another 70 lbs.  Yup, I have at least 70 lbs to lose.  And that is my realistic goal.  According to the chart at the doctor’s office I would have 100 lbs to lose, but I don’t think I could ever get to that weight…in fact, I haven’t been that weight since high school.  I looked amazing when we got married and that was 70 lbs ago, so that’s my goal.

Well, that’s life. 

I will leave you with some pictures since the blog was a little depressing!  Please ignore my huge butt in the Wiifit picture — proof I need to lose weight!

Some of you may remember a pictures almost identical to this of Harrison.


He LOVES to color.  Even when he makes a mess I still love to see him coloring!  For church we have the Colorwonders so he doesn’t look like this on Sundays LOL.

Go Brian! Go Brian!

A little step aerobics!



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To my girlfriend Jen the mom at www.jenthemom.com.  She welcomed a new little girl into the world on Saturday!  Go and check out the cute babe!