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Medical… July 29, 2008

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Well, I actually got my immigration medical done today. Shocking, really. After all, I have only been in the country for 17 months…I can’t believe it took me this long to get around to it. Crazy me.

Every Tuesday night we go through the same routine. Harrison SCREAMS at bedtime for daddy. Daddy is at Bishopric meetings until 11 or so. So Harrison doesn’t see Daddy on Tuesdays and it SUCKS. But we are surviving. He is doing WAY better tonight than he has lately. He has only screamed for 30 minutes tonight, usually it is an hour.

Sterling is cute and fat. He is a giant. I love it! He is rolly polly fun. He laughs all day. Every time I go to change his diaper he starts to giggle. He is SUPER ticklish.

I’m getting all of my MOUNTAIN of laundry folded tonight, hopefully, while Brian is away.

Not much else is new. I need to post more pics of the boys, I know. I will when I find the camera…


2 Responses to “Medical…”

  1. Sugar & Ice Says:

    Really? You’ve only been here for 17 months?? I totally didn’t realize that. I thought I’d been reading you longer than than, and I don’t remember you living outside the country.

  2. Lowa Says:

    Wow, I know that is hard. We moved from WA state to South Carolina when our second son was almost two. My husband worked two hours away in Atlanta for the first five months and only came home every other week. Was busy golfing etc, you know. But we won’t go there. LOL This is YOUR blog:)

    Anyway, I was a single mother for five months with no help from all the family we moved nearer to so that we could have “help” with our boys. In the three years we were there, there never WAS any help really and my hubby finally admitted defeat and we moved back here.

    ANYWAY, my two year old said his prayers one afternoon before his nap ~ “Dear God! Sanks Daddy come home!!” because it was a weekend that his Dad was actually going to be there and grace us with his presence. So I totally know what you are going through with poor wee Harrison. It is good it is just one night and not TWO WEEKS! My older son used to pull me aside and be shy when he saw his Dad and whisper, “I forgot what my Daddy looked like.” 😦

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