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Busy girl! August 24, 2008

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I thought I would just post a picture from a recent shoot.  I have been crazy crazy busy with photography lately 🙂  Yea, for me!  You can check out my recent photography work on that blog www.dbimagesblog.wordpress.com!


Not what I wanted… August 18, 2008

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I came home from a photo shoot on Friday.  My babysitter says “I don’t know what happened but I went upstairs and when I came back down the computer screen was black with a cursor on it.”  I fiddle a bit with it, but nothing major I think.  I take her home.  I come home and look into it a bit more…major software issues (i.e., virus) with Windows and now my operating system is screwed up.  I need my computer for work, so off we went on Friday night to get a new computer.  Not exactly what I was hoping to do on Friday.  You know what a pain new computers can be.  Then you have to re-install all of your software and everything.  My printers aren’t compatible.  I’m trying to get my hard drives out of my old computer to sync up to the new one, but I have to scan the drives first so I don’t share the virus with this computer.  My monitor wouldn’t even work, I had to get a new cord.  This is stupid.  The biggest problem was that I missed a wedding consultation on Friday.  All of the information of the meeting was on my computer.  So I had to miss it and just wait for the dreaded phone call of her wondering where I am.  I explained what happened and she said she wants to reschedule thankfully.  So, let’s just say the bride decides not to book because of this hassle, potentially that could be true, plus the cost of the computer and extra stuff to make it all work, this little problem has cost me between $1,500-2,800.  She said she was on my.space before it happened.  Some people I have talked to said it could have been a virus from my.space but others have said no.  Anyway, needless to say, I’m not happy.



I simming… August 14, 2008

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Harrison and Sterling and I went swimming today. It was SO FUN! Harrison is great because I just have to put waterwings on him and he is good to go. He LOVES “simming”. Today was Sterling’s first time swimming. He did awesome. He didn’t cry at all until he wanted to get out. He was a trooper! I am SUNBURNED! I wish I tanned at all, but I don’t. We went with Brian’s cousin’s wife and her kids at their community pool. It was awesome! I wish our community had a pool! Anyway, so much fun and I wish I had gotten pictures of the boys because they were wearing these ADORABLE matching swimming suits that I got yesterday at Children’s Place for $2.99 each.

I just had to update!


Sterling’s 4-month check-up August 11, 2008

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Poor guy had to get four shots! He was a trooper, though.

He is 19 lbs on the dot and 27 inches. He has two teeth. He can roll from his back to his tummy and his tummy to his back. He is laughing all the time.

That’s my boy!

I need to post a picture from today, but he is a little cranky from the shots. Doctor says he will be a big guy…we figured that. He also said both of my boys are advanced 🙂 A mommy always thinks so, but it is nice to hear from a doctor 🙂

Off to design wedding albums!


Am I that lucky? August 10, 2008

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Could it be that both of my kids gave up pacifiers by 4 months? Harrison didn’t use his much after 4 months that I can remember and I haven’t used one in about a week with Sterling. Is there a trick you ask? I don’t give it to them all the time. And I stop packing them when we go out and just don’t need them.

My next statement is sure to offend some: I don’t understand how there are 2+ year-olds walking around ALL THE TIME with pacifiers. Are you kidding me? I understand at night time. I get that. If they need it to get to sleep, then fine. BUT, I really think if you just suck it up for a few days or maybe even weeks of them crying themselves to sleep at night you can get rid of it. I’m sure there are some of you just seething at my comments, but I don’t understand it. I also don’t understand bottles much past 1 either, but to each their own, I guess. I just don’t understand why. I just can’t imagine bottles and/or pacifiers are good for their teeth past a certain age.

Anyway, now that you all hate me — here is why I posted: Can I be lucky enough that both of my kids gave this up at 4 months?



Today… August 9, 2008

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We are home because we all still feel like poop. (The boys and me).
I want to go somewhere…anywhere…I hate being housebound.
I have to get this vinyl order done.
I have to clean this house.
I have to do the mountain (that’s not an understatement) of laundry in my room.
I miss my family.
I secretly like that when Harrison is sick he likes to cuddle more 🙂
I will probably go through an entire box of kleenex just for me and then even more for the boys.
I want to sedate the cats so they can’t run around like crazy animals.
I want to finish the vinyl for the boys’ rooms.

Update: Sterling can roll from his tummy to his back now. This morning I went in to get him and he was on his tummy. While I got his diaper and everything ready to change him, he rolled over onto his back. With that accomplished, and already being able to roll from his back to his tummy…we are in trouble! He will be on the rolling move in no time!


Update… August 8, 2008

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Thankfully McDs paid for us to get it out as this was a misunderstanding. The condo board have received quite the earful from Brian. We will see what comes of all of this.

We are off to the beach!